ONE PIECE Ch. 671 Review

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Punk Hazard Island Arc

ONE PIECE Ch. 671 - Gas-Gas Fruit

As Sanji, Zoro, and Brook struggle to find the torso of their samurai friend, Kinemon; Luffy faces Caesar Clown in a battle of Paramecia vs. Logia. Caesar can't depend on his poisons, and Haki gives Luffy a powerful advantage. Inside the labs, Trafalgar Law lures Monet away so Chopper can investigate, but someone is hidden in the labs that Law is very much not happy to see.

The Good

It's nice to get a bit more battling that shows off Luffy's growth. We didn't get to really see the Luffy's armament haki in action. You really see how useful it is against a less corporeal logia devil fruit user. Even the poison Caesar depends on isn't nearly as useful after Luffy's clash with Magellan. I'm just not so sure that Luffy collapsed from the poison gas. It's far more likely he's fallen over from hunger.

I think having Smoker there could make for a good combo against Caesar in the end. Luffy has the haki, and Smoker has his jutte could weaken Caesar. That would just require the two working together. Not as unbelievable as one may believe.

The whole part that I find intriguing is the identity of this dark shadow that seems to know Law pretty well. The name Joker has been thrown around rather recently in this arc. I think good money would be put on him. The real question, why does Law collapse in pain with him near? We can't seem to have a story arc of ONE PIECE without at lease some level of flashback. Perhaps we'll be getting a glimpse of Law's past.

The Bad

You know, I had actually forgotten that Sanji was after Kinemon's torso that had fallen into that lake. It was confusing at first to wonder why Sanji suddenly jumped into the lake. Why did he care about the fish? It didn't click with me until Sanji mentioned a torso. The only thing that saved this scene was the Nami bikini shot.

Verdict 4/5

Color me curious about the identity of this shadowy figure, It's a plot that manga loves to use, and I don't think plays as well in anime. It's melodrama. Yeah, we want to know who this is and for Law to say his name, but when do people ever really say the name of the person they're screaming at. It's a really fun set up for the next chapter. Though, this ended on a very entertaining cliffhanger that we wont get answered for two weeks. Yep, ONE PIECE is on break. I almost went with a 3 out of 5 on this, but that seemed harsh to hold it back on that short lake scene. It's a good chapter that raises more questions than answers, but that's not a bad thing.

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