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Well, I can honestly say I’ve never run into any other story that’s explored the… uh… other possibilities of cross-breeding that might be available as alternatives to centaurs’ usual equine options.

(The stand-out cool moment in this episode is a toss-up between Robin’s inventive response to the giraffe dude alluded to above, and the rather stylish deathstroke that Brook deals to the hazmat goons).

Speaking of Brook’s artful killing, I should say that one (of innumerable) qualities which intrigue me about ONE PIECE is that the show takes all these dark snap-turns when it otherwise has all the appearances of a squeaky clean Saturday Morning toon. Sure, it was probably right in character for this undead rocker to take lethal force - - but it still felt pretty shocking to see all those goons drop down for good, never again to chant “Ichi, Ni, Sunshine!” as they greeted a new day. And it likewise was a wee surprising to hear the vaporous, pink ghost enemy use a little saltier seaman’s language.


Man, like I said last week, I’m still having a harder time commenting on this show. Seeing as how I’m revisiting Toei’s last shonen juggernaut, I guess it’s worth remarking on how that show felt like it was always on a linear trajectory of escalation, even as it got up into its upper-episode number. ONE PIECE honestly feels like non-stop, beautiful chaos; as if a chain reaction were ignited on some atomic level of inspiration, and it just kept spurring one blinding explosion of creativity after another.

I like to think of myself as a guy with a mind open enough to handle all strips of bizarre ideas, but I think I might’ve honestly found my limit here. I’d like to keep commenting on these brand-spanking new episodes every week, but I think I might have to throw in the towel, at last, after however many weeks.

Watch this episode, "Startling! the Secret of the Island Is Finally Revealed!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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No one die in One Piece (beside past characters), there was a guy who survive a point blank nuke and live

So you couldn't take the madness, here a tip, you have to embrace the madness and become one with it LOL!

To bad you stopping, the madness was only just beginning

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That's really disappointing to hear you wont be reviewing the series for the site. ONE PIECE is a series that comes together when you watch a full arc. Many of the concepts you see at first are always bizarre and hard to explain, but there is a purpose behind it all. Part of the fun is seeing how it all falls into place.

I hope you just continue to watch it even without reviewing till the end of the arc. Having been following this arc in the manga. This goes some incredible and wild directions. The Warlord the disembodied samurai is talking about gets revealed soon, and his powers have to be seen to believe.

One thing, it's next to impossible for characters to die in ONE PIECE, no matter how minor. It mostly happens in flashbacks,

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I feel bad to hear that, but as FoxxFireArt said, I hope you continue watching the series or reading the manga, I'll recommend you to at least watch a whole arc from the beginning to the end.

When I started watching One Piece I thought that the designs of the characters where too bizarre, ridiculous and sometimes ugly, I thought it was too much, but I at the end I got used to it and became a fan of the series.

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That sucks, I look forward to the article every week. From last week's though it was obvious you were going to quit very soon.
Hardly anyone dies in One Piece, those goons are just knocked out. There's always a big party at the end of an arc, I heard Oda doesn't kill enemies because there'd be a stark contrast between the fun party and the fact Luffy just tore out a guys heart and crushed it.
I've said it a ton, but I think One Piece is a terrible show to just jump into. It relies upon prior knowledge to get the most out of the show.
This arc in particular has so many characters, reveals, running gags, foreshadowing and world building that I think would really overwhelm and maybe annoy a new watcher.
Most of the stuff you're finding insane are things I feel you get used to over the course of the series. This arc gets much crazier later on though.
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To be honest I found your weekly write-ups for One Piece extremely amusing as it seemed you were always at a loss at how to quantify / define what the show actually was on a whole. You would constantly bring up other shows / references to try to define OP which amused me but ultimately I couldn't get a feel for whether you actually liked OP for its different approach or just found it to be a randomly chaotic cluster of characters and plots.

Well looks like the latter….which is a shame

I will admit amongst the majority of anime out today OP has a certain level of chaos and randomness to it but to be fair it did not start out that way and things (to me) have just naturally progressed into what we have today at the mid-late 500 episode arc.

It looks like you jumped into this series at a point where I couldn't really blame anyone for thinking things are just all over the place but to be fair I think if you jumped in any other shounen series at such a late point you would find a similar level of chaos and confusion with the story so in that sense I felt you have really missed foundations of this show which would have in all likely-hood made your opinion of OP different…..well that’s is admittedly an assumption but never-the-less I think that would be the case.

I’m sure as the site editor and such you have various responsibilities and other titles you wanna look into so it’s not all that surprising OP had to be dropped at some point but when I now see a new write up for DBZ I can’t help but scratch my head.

meh, either way I do still enjoy your various other write ups and we can’t all agree to like everything the same way…so yeah…

That’s my two pence

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Quitting One Piece reviews? I refuse to accept it? Journey through Punk Hazard with us!

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