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Is it just me, or do ONE PIECE episodes follow the same titling ethos as Coheed & Cambria songs? “Arriving! a Burning Island - - Punk Hazard!” has the sort of bizarre grammar you’d expect from a line of e.e. cummings poetry. Just another facet of this show’s overall strangeness, I suppose...

Actually, what makes that even more amusing is the fact that, by this point, the show’s really honed its thrill tactics down to a reflex with several levels of self-awareness piled on top of it. Like how Luffy’s personality's basically been fashioned to have him always going for the more interesting action in any given situation.

The Straw Hats are floating by a burning island surrounded by burning water, and it doesn’t serve any of their practical interests to investigate it?

Well, Luffy looks at it like a five-year-old looking at a mud puddle and he just has to jump into it.

The Straw Hats get an emergency call which, by all logic, they shouldn’t answer because it’s obviously a Navy trap?

Well, Luffy just has to pick up the phone and start making threatening boasts.

And so on. There’s even a sort-of self-awareness about all this when half of the crew winds up investigating the island - - all of their lines making it seem like they know this isn’t at all sensible, but it’ll be more interesting for people to watch, so they'll go along with it. I feel like that’s something that can’t be avoided when you’ve been plotting a serial, day in and day out, for the past straight decade. It’s like Oda’s long since questioned the formula of what he’s doing and come to an odd, unironic-yet-still-self-aware peace with it.

Yes, this what I think about while watching ONE PIECE. That, and also how the telephone snails are such a macabrely-creative concept. Again, there’s something so… Carrol-esque about how they recreate everything the caller’s doing on the other end.

Watch this episode, "Arriving! a Burning Island - - Punk Hazard!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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Wondering if you would check out the recently released "Episode of Nami" OVA/Movie which is a short rehash / revisit of one of the earliest / best arcs of One Piece - which ties in pretty heavily to the Fisherman Arc you just completed Tom.

As a newcomer to the series i would actually be interested on your take on that flashback - think it might give ya some more insight into the series without going back to episode 30ish....not sure if its on Hulu tho

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Well Tom, Luffy and the crew have always been like that from the beginning (Luffy love to go on adventures)

When Luffy want to go somewhere, there is no stopping him

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this was an ok episode with a great ending.....cant wait for next week

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seriously though, that Oda guy must be hurting for a nice vacation right about now, LOL

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The naming conventions of the episodes is becasue FUNimation is nearly literally translating the Japanese titles.

The thing you need to understand about Luffy is that the crew long gave up on trying to stop Luffy's impulses. He is the captain, and he wants to go on an adventure that he thinks is the most fun. Though, this wasn't without exceptions. Nami honestly thought that Luffy wouldn't find anything on the island, get bored, and want to come back soon.

The thing with the phone has been a running gag for a while. Luffy always answers the phone boldly giving both his name and his proclamation to be the pirate king.

This is the beginning of the Punk Hazard arc. I've made sure to fill out the wiki pages for the characters in this story if you have any questions about back story, Tom. The story arcs are all marked to avoid most spoilers.

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The transponder snails are really inventive, but I wouldn't say the concept is too macabre in universe. It seems like just a convenient out on the animal cruelty issue but Oda has said the snails like being tamed by humans as they get more food and better living conditions than if they were in the wild.
Felt there was something off about this episode. Seemed like there was a lack of music and it made the scenes come off as really odd. I don't remember Usopp freaking out so annoyingly and constantly in the manga either.
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@Petiew: Most of us have seen The Flintstones, so Transponder snails aren't as odd a concept. :)

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@YotaruVegeta: I forgot about all of the crazy household appliances in the Flintstones.
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Great episode !!

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