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After finding so many Western comparators for this show, I’m a little befuddled over ONE PIECE’s turn for the Carroll-esque in this episode. Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising - - Wonderland could very easily be an island in this sprawling high seas fantasy world - - but surrealism really tends to come in very specific stripes and textures and, to me, Oda’s imagination just hasn’t displayed the precise kind of nonsensical sensibility that concocted the Cheshire Cat and the Jabberwocky, et al.

Well, he hasn’t until this episode, anyway. The Eggman and the Tiger in candy-addicted Mama’s employ absolutely seem like they’re probably a pocket watch’s tick away from joining somebody’s un-birthday party. And that then brings the difference here down to, say, this show being what would happen if Alice had both the inclination and the ability to beat the shit out of the Queen of Hearts.

I guess that’s the shortest way to sum up ONE PIECE to the uninitiated - - it’s what your favorite children’s fantasy would be like if the main character were an asskicker.

Seriously, I can’t recall too many book series where the good guy hops on the phone with the bad guy for this kind of pumped-up shit talk. I love how Luffy’s all happy-go-lucky and careless until he starts talking with Mama. Whoo... doe she get him going.

I also get a lot of amusement over how the villains for this next arc are essentially introduced in the same way that mini-missions in a sandbox game like GTA get set up. The Straw Hats are collecting all the coins that have literally popped out of their defeated mini-boss’ body and, as they wander back to the save point, they run into some enemies who're essentially just standing around and waiting for the player to press “X” to initiate the challenge.

Perhaos PIRATE WARRIORS is even more faithful to franchise than I suspected?

Watch this episode, "She Loves Sweets! Big Mam of the Four Emperors!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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These guys are not the villains for the next arc. Maybe they'll show up two or three arcs down the line. The next arc is going to be the first bit of the New World the Strawhats experience, and I can't wait to see it animated.

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I was really proud of Luffy in this episode. Normally, he's a notoriously bad liar. Probably one of the most honest people in this world. He still flat out lies that he ate 10 tones of candy. I think it was all to try and protect the island. He really didn't like that seeing the people being picked on. I always love when Luffy stands up for others.

What these past few episodes almost point out is that Hordy's plot was doomed to fail no matter what happened. Even if the Straw Hats hadn't been there. Hordy would have aged from the drugs he was taking, or Big Mom's crew would have arrived and crushed them. It's just the entire royal family and many other innocents would have been killed.

You can't underestimate Big Mom. She's a member of the Four Emperors. The Seven Warlords was created by the World Government to be a power balance on their side against the Four Emperors. Shanks and Whitebeard were also members. That's why Luffy wanted to meet Big Mom so much. He thought she would be like Shanks and Whitebeard.


I wasn't going to mention that these aren't the villains of the next arc. However, I'm nearly done updating all the AV wiki pages of the major players of next arc. That might be of some help to him if he has questions.

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Tom you would be right because one piece usually sets up the next arc at the end of another arc but this happens to be one more thing that one piece is good for which is setting up something thats probably gonna happen way down the line. They are notorious for call backs back the call backs are usually flawless and they dont leave loose ends unless its leading somewhere. I know you guys kind of skip around in one piece alot but you honestly would see the beauty of somethings from say the first 100 episodes come back later on and your like ooooooh wow kinda like the brook and laboon thing.

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He fights injustice- no matter how ridiculous.

I love when Luffy gets into pro wrestler cutting a promo mode.

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