I really want One Piece for the PS3 and Xbox 360!

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Recently I just saw that they have announced Bleach for the PS3, it looks awesome to bad they have not announced it for America yet but I bet they will in the next Shonen Jump!  (Graphics are kinda like Naruto the broken bond to me) and we have already gotten Naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 (A perfect game!)   
Gah I so wanna main Sajin Komamura so I hope he is in! Now it seems that we have not seen a One Piece game for a while (With the exception of Gigant battle which is not in america) I mean we have gotten the Unlimited adventure and grand battle games but no next gen. On a website called Arlong park Forums I made an account and a wishlist for the roster (Not finished): http://apforums.net/showthread.php?t=30357     
"I know this has to ben one of the many things on almost every One Piece fan's mind, will we be seeing a next gen One Piece game, so far we have been getting ones only for the DS (One Piece gigant battle) and playstation 2 and gamecube. But I personally would love to see a One Piece game for the ps3 or 360 that covers from beginning to the end of One Piece with the graphic style of naruto Ultimate Ninja storm 2 (Great game Tobi FTW!) and simialr gameplay in the sense that you have a 3 man cell and can call for support and awesome god Of War-like boss battles. As for the roster, this should be one of the biggest since Dragon ball Z Budokai Tenkaiichi 3

1.Luffy (and Time skip)
2.Zoro (And time skip)
3.Sanji (And timeskip)
4.Ussop (And timeskip)
5.Chopper (And timeskip)
6.Franky (And timeskip)
7.Brook( And timeskip)
8.Nami(And time skip)
9.Robin (And time skip)
10.Portgas D Ace
12.Diamond Jozu
16.Bon clay
18.Buggy the Clown
20.Bartholomew Kuma
21.Boa Handcock
25.Hawkeye Mihawk
26.Rob Lucci
33.Ms. Valentines day
35.Gecko Moria
38.Monkey D Garp
39.Red haired Shanks
40.Gold D Roger
41.Monkey D Dragon
45.Oars Jr
46.Nightmare Luffy
56.Don Kreig
60.Van Augur
61.Jesus Burgess
62. Doc Q with Stronger
65. Sanjuan wolf
64. Vasco shot
66.Catarina Devon
67.Avalo Pizzaro
69.X drake
70. Urouge
71.Capone Bege
72. Yassop
73.Lucky Roo
74.Ben Beckmann
75. Rockstar
76. Silver Rayleigh
78.Big mom" 
Pretty much that's what it is, I really hope we get one soon. What do you guys think about this and the new Bleach game?
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The US still hasn't gotten the two Unlimited Cruise games for the Wii.  I want those.  Been playing Cruise 1 in Japanese and having to use a guide a lot just to figure out where everything is.
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@rubberluffy: We did get one Wii game though. It wasn't fantastic, but the bits I played were surprisingly good for an anime-based adventure game. 
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Well you could try getting Unlimited cruise 1 and two PAL, they all speak Japanese but the subtitles are in english.
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I just want the team that made the Naruto Shippuden, Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, to turn their attention to One Piece.

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@JonSmith: Yes, I agree!

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PS3 is region free. If the games exist you can get them. If that One Piece game is like Ultimate Ninja Storm, you aren't missing much. Those games are visual splendor but have god awful gameplay mechanics.

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@sickVisionz: Yeah they are at least trying with Storm Generations, giving a substitution system and all, you just can't do high level combos and each character only has a few moves, a solid One Piece fighting game would be great for fanservice though.

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What about one piece unlimited cruise SP? Im pretty sure thats in america i mean yes, it is a 3DS game but wouldn't it be cool to see the crew in 3D?
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I thought SP was only in Japan? We got ulimited cruise. And we can see the crew in 3d in the movie lol and I was never a fan of the gimmick :p
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There's that new One Piece game coming out in Dynasty Warriors style.

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I don't know... yes I thought it was a strange movie but to me it was a nic e mix-up from the regular ONE PIECE. Oh and about the SP its supposed to be for america because the Unlimited Cruies games didn't come out in America so thats what I thought, might be wrong.
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