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I’ve been meaning to comment on the style of narration in this show. Since the first episode, actually. It’s a great idea in theory. There’s a certainly much fun to be had in a narrator wryly undercutting what’s happening on screen. Something that plays a bit like ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT or some such. A great idea, in theory, that doesn’t really work so well in practice. More often, the narrator speaks over the actual dialog in the show, turning the sound mix into a game of which track’s leveled up the highest. This isn’t a minor technical quibble - - it’s a stylistic choice that draws attention to itself, and it draws you right out of the viewing experience.

Sound issues aside, this was another fun episode. Another sweet serving for the anima to balance out the endless buffet that the animus has been getting so much of this time (and no, I really don’t care if this show technically counts as shonen or seinen.) I can honestly say that I’ve never come across a plot whose dramatic conflict centered on some characters convincing their friend that she shouldn’t be so eager to please everybody. Potential source material fairy tales aren’t as easy to guess this time around, but the moral certainly feels like something you’d otherwise encounter in yarns by the likes of Grimm, Aesop or maybe Anderson.

Also, as somebody who’s rolled his eyes many times about these particular premises and their frequency in anime, it was quite pleasing to hear the characters point out how the notion of a superhumanly subservient and grateful young gal showing up at a dude’s place sounds exactly like the start of a porn. Likewise, the explications about how awkward the guy would actually feel in that situation and how fellow girls would find it so embarrassing were so spot on.

There are too many characters and the sound mix is vexing at times, but this continues to be a greatly appealing show.

Look up this episode, "Okami-san and Otsuu-senpai's Favor Repayments" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Ringo shows herself to be a bit of an evil genius in this episode as well. She's able to break Otsuu out of what in the end is a pretty destructive habit, while at the same time getting Ryoshi to see Okami in a maid outfit and forcing Okami to stop being so self reliant and maybe start to understand that, at least within the Otagi Bank, that it's ok to rely on others.

I liked how Okamisan twists things enough to make me actually like archtypes that I generally don't like in anime (the super cute BFF, the violent tsundere, the weak willed generic homeboy) by showing either reasons why they're the way they are, or at least that they're trying to change those things about themselves.

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Otsuu's story is from the Japanese tale of "The Crane Maiden (Tsuru no Ongaeshi)". The theme of Ostuu waiting at Ryoshi's door is actually directly reflected in an event from this story. A poor man pulls an arrow out of the wing of a wounded crane. When he returns home, he finds a beautiful young woman there waiting at his door that tell him she is his wife. Take a WILD guess who this woman actually was.

I also really liked Ryoshi's aunt, Yukime Murano. She's cute. She's based on the story of the Yuki-onna. Depending on which version you read, this story is either horror or romantically tragic. I actually preferred the tragic version. I've read a few interpretations of the story. They are sort of a vampire demon.

When I was writing reviews for these episodes when FUNimation was originally streaming it. I also had the same problem with the narration. With the two talking over each other. It made it hard to read the subtitles. I wasn't quite sure who was speaking which line.

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Hate to say it .. Disney is really good at narration .Well least back in the 60 an 70s.
I recall that story from either a old Dragon magazine or one of the older 1st edition ad&d oriental adventure supplements.Good show none the less. But ya the narration was stomping on the characters on screen lines a few times.But almost think it was on purpose as they would break the 4th wall with the narration a few times to.
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@FoxxFireArt: I really need to read more japanese folk tales so I can comment on these things more...the ones I have read have been rather interesting.

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