Xbox 360, pick up the pace

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c'mon, where are the good exclusive titles, i was looking through my gamefly Q, a list of all the games i'm inerested including whats out now and whats to come in the next 6 months, of all 45 of them five where xbox titles (IE Exclusive), that's compared to the seven PS3 exclusives. i know with hard ware sales way ahead of PS3 they may seem relaxed, But if they continue on this pace, us Xbox owners will lose, Microsoft may seem like they have a competeive marketing skeme with making FF13 multiplatform, but they lost dead rising as an Exclusive. I already regret buying a Wii, don't make me regret buying another console, also stop with the microsoft points bullshit, is it really that hard to just tell us how much money we have in our accounts.
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xbox has better titles than playstation 3 u should be grateful u have that system (if u DO have it) lol i myself have a ps3
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First of all most of the interesting titles are multie platform, as a person with both consoles, i find very little reason though to play Xbox versions, due to online, what i'm saying is i would like to see more good exclusives for the Xbox, as for more good games, while that is a matter of taste, in my view, here are the cosules Ineresting/great exvlusives
 (By Franchise)
Mass Effect
Ninja Blade
gears of war 
alen wake, my mistake that's 6
Rachet And Clank
White Knight Chronicals
Heavy Rain
and God of War III
PS, Do you know what game fly is?  for those who don't know, tis basicaly Netflick for games, reading my first comment, don't you think it would be strange i'd have games in my Q for a system i don't have? ; )
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I appreciate the luxury of owning everything but a wii, but I understand your feelings. I think Rocket Riots for the XBLA was the first thing I bought for my x-box since gears 2. No wait, Dishwasher.
I dunno, while I agree that X-box is showing the results of their slacking the same way Sony had been awhile back, but... Oh wait, their MGS title is multiplatform too. Nevermind, I'm just remembering how boring Micro was a E3.
Don't forget The last Guardian under sony franchises (the ICQ series)
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I think the last game i bought for my 360 was Banjo-Tooie, last for my PSN was Ratchet and Clank Futures: Quest for Booty (Currently my favorite game franchise)
as MGS, i believe they said that the 360 will be getting a completely new MGS game staring Rydain, (i believe of will be more of an action based game, but that's just speculation)
As for Mass Effect 2, from the trailer i really don't think there going in the right direction, seems like it will be more action based. but then again, i probably enjoyed the poltical aspects of it a lot more then most people, as long as i can get my character to be sarcastic i'll be happy
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Are you kidding me I haven't played a game on my brother PS3 in month's! 
My PS3 is mostly used has a Blue-ray player.
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@N15PCA said:

" Are you kidding me I haven't played a game on my brother PS3 in month's!  My PS3 is mostly used has a Blue-ray player. "

but i being completely series, maybe to more causal gamers it won't seem like the microsoft is slacking, but to us gamers who generaly go through about 8 games a month (and have way to much free time)  can clearly see, that us PS3 owners are benifitng from a console trying to reclaim a market.
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just trust me on it i'm a fake gaming journalist after all
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