Worried about my height.

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OK, so I'm 20, and I'm 5'3, and I'm worried no girl will want me because I'm short. And I'm pretty sure I've stopped growing.

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@VG_Addict: That's not necessarily the end of your love life. Yeah, girls like taller men but that can be compensated for by being an enjoyable person. I know a couple of guys who are pretty short but they get more girls than the athletes I know because they are smart, funny, and just really fun to be around. So just be comfortable and confident in yourself and show those girls why they should be interested in you.

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@VG_Addict: You shouldn't be worried about your height. Girls don't always like a guy because of his physical appearance. It all depends on your attitude and clean hygiene (that one is my opinion).

Also I know a friend who is 5 feet except and the dude has gotten lots of girls and I also noticed that guy that are short can get more girls than a one who is tall.

like I said, is how you act and behave. So be kind and be your self at the same time ^_^

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