Why is there no coverage on the disaster in Japan?

Topic started by rein on April 12, 2011. Last post by ronat1 3 years, 9 months ago.
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This morning The PM declared the nuclear disaster in Japan a Level 7- the same level as Chernobyl.
You would think that the news would be talking about this non-stop, but i've only heard it mentioned once today, and it was in a very off-handed comment.
Does anyone else feel like it's a little strange that we aren't talking about the disaster more here in the states?
Is it the same for our brothers in other countries?
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It's talked about a fair bit over here in the UK. I just feel that US media generally don't care much about what goes on in the outside world. That's not a slur against Americans, that's an observation I made while watching American news in Florida.
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another one? poor japan
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What would be the point in devoting a large block of time to talk about it? Once you've reported the facts, there isn't much else to talk about unless you want to belabor the point out needlessly. Even in Japan they aren't doing this. When the events first happened, the news talked about it all day long, but after a while television went back to normal. It's good to report it, but there is little point in dwelling on it unnecessarily.

@SamJaz: The problem with news in America, is that if the story does not get them ratings, then it's not worth reporting. They look for stories that they can sensationalize in order to get people to tune in. If there is something important happening, but it is generally boring, they will either not report it or just mention it in passing before moving on to some story that involves dozens of deaths or children.
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@SamJaz:  Regrettably something I have to agree with as an American citizen. Much of mainstream journalism here in the states has a horrible habit of spreading awareness on certain news stories just for hooking in viewers like any other TV show. Details on the news reported in this way is quite often skewed with facts due to political bias, corporate sponsors and media conglomerates keeping them from giving honest and unbiased truth. I have noticed quite a bit of news left unreported by US mainstream media, especially with issues in third-world countries and Africa. Many mainstream news sources in the US are owned by corporate entities and as far as they are concerned, whatever news they give us is just infotainment.
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@Mechanical_Ape: I can understand it not being talked about all day, but the disaster has hit level 7 -- The worst level in recorded history, and from what little information i've been able to dig up on the internet about it, scientists expect it to get even worse (A group testing the area around the reactors have found 4x the amount of radiation then was originally released when Chernobyl melted down.) I would feel like they should have people on the news explaining how this upgraded disaster level will effect the Japanese people as well as us.
It's not that we haven't talked about it at all, When the disaster first happened we were following it as intensely as i assume the uk is. We seem much more focused on the middle east right now (not that it isn't important as well)
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Here in Canada it's talked about a lot. As well, as SamJaz said, BBC does a lot of coverage about it. Same with good ol' CBC, but not as much as BBC.
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Kind of sad to see the media companies in the USA turn a blind eye to this disaster. For example, Japan had another massive aftershock the other day that started small tsunami warnings, but I never heard about it until I went online the following day to BBC America's website.

As always, my best wishes are with all who were and are still currently affected by this month-long disaster. I donated $100 for the Disaster Relief Fund the Red Cross is doing, so at least my donation will help save a life.
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@rein: Its a shame that you don´t have good coverage of the news in USA, but at least here in Chile the coverage has been really good, you see the news on newspapers and tv but for the other hand we dont have an exaggerated coverage of it,because as @Mechanical_Ape said:  "  if the story does not get them ratings, then it's not worth reporting. " and thats something that happens here and everywhere else, so its just a thing of how the ones in charge of it judge worthy to report, obviously they need to think in what news make them earn some money but they tend to forget that their true mission is to give us people a good service first.
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