why does the term metro-sexual exist?

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it is completely meaningless today when most stereotypes don't even apply.

I already know gay men who don't act/talk/look like silly women, and since Metrosexual means acting act/talk/look a homosexual, then it should not mean anything anymore. it's not even a sexuality.

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It isn't intended to be a sexuality. Besides thats not exactly what it means. It means a man who cares about and works on his personal beauty as much as a typical woman does. It doesnt really reference sexuality, nor does it mean that he looks like a woman. The first time I heard about the term was on tv and it was referencing a straight man. It's basically the opposite of the 60's and 70's where women first started dressing like men such as wearing pants and jackets.
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I think it was coined on Sex and the City. It's basically what dude above me said. Most men want to look decent and be attractive, but metrosexuals are out there putting on makeup and spending supermodel levels of time in front of the mirror. They are bishonen characters come to life, except far more bishonen than even the most comically exaggerated bishonen of bishonen.

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