Why do you like anime?

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Just a straightforward question, so we, as a community, can learn about each other. Our likes about anime.

So yeah, why do you like anime?

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I'm a very picky Anime fan. Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Yu Yu Hakusho are the select few that I actually care about. Why? I don't know. I just always liked them. I'm trying to get into more shows like Inuyasha but just don't have the time.

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I just like craziness of anime

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Because Japan isn't a victim of Animation Age Ghetto.
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Because of the animation and stories found in anime, also the giant robots, space bounty hunters and idiot gunmen.

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I think I realized why I like certain Anime.

Naruto is always an underdog, and he was always treated like crap. I always felt like I was treated like crap in high school, and in wrestling I was always an underdog. Even when I went to the state championship, everyone just looked pass me. Good thing that I placed fourth, heck, my coach didn't even know that I was going to last in State. I relate very well to Naruto.

Goku and Gohan are pure at heart. They're like Jesus is in this world. I've always believed in giving your life for another is the Ultimate way to go. Goku and Gohan(as sad as this may seem) some of my role models. I wish that I could live life the way they do. Not really the training part, but their way of treating others.

Yu Yu Hakusho is kind of the same reason as dragon ball z. The main character gives his life for a boy. Because of his good deed, he gets a second chance at life. But now he's powerful. That's not the main reason why I like it though. I grew up watching it, wondering what would ever happen. Granted I only have season 1 and 2, I plan on finding out soon enough.

Well I guess that these are my reasons. Lol

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I used to like it because it felt so different than US cartoons. That's worn off now and I generally like it now because of things like

  • story, although I'm finding myself less and less impressed with the stories I see in anime,
  • enjoyable interactions between the characters,whether it be drama, comedy, or romance). This has taken a much larger role as I find most stories to be generic, too ridiculous to be taken serious, or mediocre, but the character interactions have stayed as enjoyable as they always were to me,
  • and animation/cinematography. Animation has really taken on a new life for me and my love of movies and cinema in general has played into it and I notice a lot of things that I didn't notice before and appreciate the little things that go into certain scenes or the major things that make parts look awesome.

Any one of those are enough to pull me into a series and keep me watching for 11-13 episodes at a time. Anything more than that needs a fairly balanced mix of 2/3.

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What I love are great and original stories, with good and crazy plots. I usually watch animes with those characteristics, otherwise comedy animes also are part of my pool. But well these stories I found them in videogames, books, western series, visual novels, movies, manga, anime, etc. As long as is original and bot the same shit of always I'm ok

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I love love the unique art and story lines!

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I grew up with Toonami and I always thought that an overarching story was better than a story that resolved in 30 minutes. Growing up with shounen anime got me hooked, but moving on to other genres was also important.
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Because I grew up with Anime... and because the art work is always better than US cartoons or even Comics... so yeah that's why. Also because in Anime they stick to the plot and also comedy
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@Dream said:

Because Japan isn't a victim of Animation Age Ghetto.

This is part of it. In North America animation is either aimed at children or are adult comedy's. I am a fan of animation as a art form, I love the look of something animated. It has a certain quality that is lacking in live action movies/shows. Anime offers more diversity. For instance you would not see something like Usagi Drop in North America.

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Anime - I'll be honest, I haven't been into for a long time. Which is weird for being on a site like Anime Vice. Just nothing has captured my interest lately. When I like a series, I like it for the same reason I like any TV show or movie. Strong, compelling, cohesive narratives. Being anime is just the medium, I'll like the content for the same reason I like any drama.

Manga - Probably more what I am into, it's just...well, everyone here reads it. I'm not the type to go get the latest JUMP every week and read it, but it's super easy to get and super easy to consume. Interesting stories coupled with nice artwork have always made me like the medium a lot more than western comics. Western comics have always seemed...exceptionally convoluted to get into. Manga tends to have better art and less filler than the anime as well, so you can generally just consume it a lot faster.

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I grew up watching anime.

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I always loved anime because of the interesting characters and crazy plots. Anime also has tons of variety for me'  when I am in the mood to watch something be it Dark psychological horror, or cute comedy there is always something to watch.
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Its really entertaining to me, from the comedies to romance etc. Other than that I really did grow up to it. the first one I really seen was Pokemon. I don't really like it anymore but I do still enjoy it at times. Although the one anime called "Sora No Otoshimono" Really got me into anime once again. I love it *^*

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Wow, the answer is in my head, but I can't put it into words XD

I grew up watching dubbed anime (both in Arabic and English), so I guess I've been exposed to it all my life.

But now the main reason why I watch anime is because of the character designs and the quality animation that goes along with modern anime; as well as story depth and themes.

Also, another thing to add is that I've really come to like hearing the Japanese language, especially in comedic anime; it's got a really nice tone to it.

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The reason why I like anime is there is loads of different series out there, which are all so interesting. The animations as well are so beautiful, there is just loads of reasons I could say!

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M: In my eyes anime is as a medium a cheaper and better looking way to show and explore stories then regular television can afford to do so. Its cheap and a good portion of it is more serious and action related the almost any american show and most definitely more then most american cartoons barring a few that I would consider anime anyways. I can like them in the same way I can like movies, some for the art, some for the music, some for the story, and some because they are the most stylish mother truckers around. Anime is as veried as any medium and thus I feel that I can find something wonderful in its verity I suppose.

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I grew up on a few anime series (Pokemon, Sailor Moon and DBZ mostly), but didn't fully grasp my anime fandom until the day when I found a few series on an "On Demand" cable service I had when I was suffering from depression from a month of being homeless (and a week of horrible soap operas afterwards, which didn't help). Since then, I found a lot of interesting genres and series from that service as well as the internet and have been looking for more to enjoy ever since.

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