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Topic started by adnil555 on July 26, 2010. Last post by DeepThroat 4 years, 6 months ago.
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I am wondering..why or how did you choose your Anime Vice username...?
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Kayak - I like One Piece and the letter K is the most badass letter. 
Acer - That's the account I used on the vine before I came here.
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@adnil555: I took my name and spelled it bakwards and picked a randon numer and repeated...much thought went into this.LOL
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No real reason just a name or my RP character, and it stuck:)
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because I wanted to kill the  gods in RP
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"Barnes" is the name of an 80s film character. 
"Cape" is just a word I picked to make it sound more unique, so to speak. 
(This thread sounds familiar to me for some reason).
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It's a name I just though of a few years ago and I use it for a bunch of different sites including this one.
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I knew this thread already exists but i couldn't find the old one :P
Kelleth is my Harvest Moon name (at times i use Keleth if the name doesn't fit or Kelly for the girl versions) it has no other meaning except that there is a town in England Cumbria
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Funny story.
Back in the day, about ten years ago, me and my older brother Jared shared a game of pokémon blue, calling the trainer JardSam. Few years later, Silver came out, we switched it around and now it was SamJaz. He lost interest in pokemon, so I got rights to the name. It just kinda stuck ever since.
And that's the truth of SamJaz.
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I guess the reason I chose my name was from one of the manga series that i was reading at the time. (Demon Diary) My favorite character's name was Eclipse and he is this really high ranking demon so i just combined them into Demoneclipse. It is now the user name i use for almost everything. My profile picture is actually a picture of him.
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The True Reason

I really loved Dr. Seuss's "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" and I love Christmas as well (even though I'm non-religious). One day, while thinking of a username, I was stumped up until I had a flashback of the story. That's when I decided to go by "Bigheart" and it stuck to me. The 711 (pronounced seven-one-one) part was something random that also stuck to me. Why I edited this was because I was embarrassed to tell about it up until now.
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I used this name while playing COD and DOTA so I decided to use it here to
 Then when I would get many kills in a row I would wrote 
Mortein multi insect killer  lol

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The name of the third oldest sibling among the Endless from Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novel series. Got hooked on Sandman from reading Brief Lives and Preludes and Nocturnes where I just chose to stick with the name.
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C was a kind a of key word for me  
always, my username always had C's
the other part? every monster hunter player nightmare and coveted price
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On a previous site I wanted a nobody theme so I put an X in an anagram of my name. Then I put nobody in front of it making, Nobody-Mekix.
Eventually I left that site and came here, I didn't want Nobody in my name anymore so I choose Omega.
I just explained how I got one strange username.
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I have trouble coming up with names. So I went with this one since I didn't think anyone else would have it.
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My name came from the following
 Shadow: Taken from one of the characters in my failed story attempt that I have tried to write over the years (From The Fall of the Empire, my 3rd failed attempt)
Knight: I like the evening hours (night), so I just added a K to the front of it because it looked much better when combined with the other 2 parts of user name.
508: My highest ranking on the Playfire User Leaderboard (back in early 2009 out of 30,000 people)
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Rangiku is my favorite character in bleach and i like her so much so i used her name :D
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Because it's the name I use on Vine. Although originally it was made just so I could voice my opinion in one thread in particulair.
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It's my name.
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