Who is Thanos counterpart in Weekly Shonen Jump?

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Now I know this may be a bit silly of a question to ask but I was just curious because well . . . .. idk has there every been a villain published in shonen jump history that shows the potential to be a Thanos like threat to the SJ Mulitverse(Or theoretically if all the universe were merged to form a single universe) . When I say this I mean a villain who is anywhere close to being as smart,durable & menacing as he was? IDK I'll see what the vice community has to say before I throw something out. Someone with a knowledge on Jump comics could help this topic . . . .ohh & also serious answers only for now, not something like "SETO KIBA SOLOS! " or anything of the sort. Thanks.

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Someone from Saint Seiya?

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here is my idea I'm not really a fan of comic books as I think I have read like only two comic books in my life one being a spiderman and the other being volume one of the Walking Dead however if you want somebody truly dangerous I give you Misogi Kumagawa he may have turned over a new lead but he was a villain at one point so it counts.

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Thanatos. Lol!
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LOL saw what you did there :D

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