Who do you admire on AnimeVice?

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@Aleasha: LOL aww hey is that you trying to grab my butt Acura!?:P I...kid.XD
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@Sonata: LMAO

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@Aleasha: XD
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@Aleasha: @Sonata: @Acura_Max: Horayy!

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@DBZ_universe: LOL

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@DBZ_universe: I call being the bacon :P
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@Sonata: I'll be the cheese since I'm cheesy!

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@DBZ_universe: LOL
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Damn I missed the group hug noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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I would have to say tom, for being just so damn entertaining. lol.

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Shanana, Surkit and Sonata
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@Feral_Nova: Awww hugs:P
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- With Screened closing, he never gave up. He kept working to help his community transition into Anime Vice. Helped them save their work.

One of the best and active users who loves the battle threads. Found a new love in the RPG section. Contributed so much within his first first year in Anime Vice.

@mike20 in Screened - He was the king of wiki editors in Screened. Despite his community shutting down, he created a new Wikia called To Hollywood and Beyond. Djames, another great wiki editor, and I help him kick start the site.

She helped made the community more fun with her chat. We all worked hard, and when we have movie night, it was a fun time to kick back and relax. I sometimes forget to have fun in Anime Vice. Plus, we get to know each other closer in these chat rooms. She is a dedicated wiki editor, and she has this Genre Master List that would help new fans get into anime.

is a fantastic and down to earth guy. He helped me with the anime seasonal guides. We had fun working on it and hanging out at Aleasha's chat room. (Aleasha's Anime Vice Chat!!! )

Whenever I had trouble with battle threads, I usually consult him, Sonata, and Taichokage. He is brutally honest which helps me fix myself to help the folks in the battle threads. He won't cut corners and helps the site. He has fun projects like Ani-Crap and the Anime/ Manga Harems Tournament Nominations Thread.

He's one of the veteran users. Older than me and more respected than me as well. In addition to his debating prowness in the battle threads, he's a dedicated wiki editor in the Toriko project. He help drive the project. Also, he helps new users in the battle threads who need help with the rules. He recommends Shonen series to his friends and help promote the discussion threads within and outside the battle forums.

I have to log off soon because I have class in less than an hour. I will name more folks.

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He has help me a lot with the site and still does, especially with transferring some of my harder work from Screened. He was also a huge help back when we both were posting for new DVD and Videogame releases.

A real trooper, especially in the last few days before Screened disappears and a big help with all of AnimeVice. I'm glad to work on trailer releases alongside him and Taka.

Ended up bringing some of the community closer with her movie and show events via chat. For that, I thank her.

I remember that he rightfully set me straight with the situation of people looking up to other users due to their actions and not just in terms of being a veteran user or moderator, but as a person. He also kept the site running and often helps me and the others when in a pinch with what to do for the site and even made a lot of fun lists and posts. For all of this, I humbly thank him.

He's still a big help with the entire community and is also a fun guy once you run into him during an event on the forums and on the group chat.

Ended up being a really cool guy on the forums, especially on the discussion threads. I hope to play another Pokemon match with him soon, though.

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@Bigheart711: You are awesome too!

Another battle would be epic! tho I will change my game plan lol.

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@takashichea: Thanks Taka you know I admire you right back we have been working together on and off since I first started coming around I believe! Wow a long time lol. I have a blast and we will have a new chat room next movie night!

@Bigheart711: Aww thank you and right back at you I really enjoy hanging out with everyone who can make it and Their is so much more fun to be had!

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Haven't been in here yet. Guess I'll jump on giving some praises:

@Yuno_Shiki: Many of you might see this guy pop up now and then for my voting of Ani-Crap and my Harem Tourney. Me and him used to be co-administrators on an old forum called Neo Anime Chains and have known each other for years. He's contributed enough to my torture in Ani-Crap since we often make bets over what horrible anime we have to deal with. I was able to goad him into dipping into Kodomo no Jikan recently, for example. :P

@takashichea: Really active on the site for blog, forum and wiki activity. He's done well with pulling his weight as a mod despite having to deal with the hassles and heatedness that can usually happen with the Battles forum, which I feel kind of sorry for dragging him into since I wasn't even aware at the time that he only moderated the wikis despite his regular forum activity.

: Been on this site longer than I have who has been fun and supportive in many of my efforts for blogging, especially for Ani-Crap.

: One of the Battle Forum regulars whom I usually cross paths with, especially with matters on Bleach. We don't agree on everything, but he doesn't get full of himself when presenting his case on whomever he supports for a match.

& @John_Martone: Besides the features available on here, the regular video postings and anime news these two used to cover as the head staff for Anime Vice when the site was still under Whiskey Media led me to join up with the site and made it quite inviting. A shame they are no longer around. :(

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Needs an update! Needless to say, everybody before remains on the respect list. But I need to re-emphasize a few:

Takashichea: Skyrocketed in admiration points. He's a top user in everything, most notably his wiki habits. He's so involved in everything. I started editing primarily due to his dedication to projects that I myself appreciate. Toriko being the most noteworthy.

SpeedforceSpider: We have so many of the same interests in anime/manga. He achieved boss status on the battle forum in a much shorter time than it took me to even be recognized.

Dream: We agree a lot more than back in the day. I think this is due to my maturing. He was already seasoned when I was a noob DBZ/Bleach fanboy. Also his reviews and community projects have been both helpful and entertaining.

Now for those that need to be added

Bigz007: We've gotten to know each other since Bigz007 branched into the forums and I got into the wiki, each other's forte so to speak. He's a super editor who is involved in numerous projects like Taka, and now he's become a noteworthy poster as well.

waybig1010101: Probably the most pleasant and easy to get along with forum guys. He also branches into the wiki a bit about the same time that I did.

SMXLR8: Very punctual. You could probably remove the user name and I'd recognize SMXLR8. One of top posters and has initiated activity in the wiki and review categories more recently. Someone I can rely on to be continually active in general.

Oh! And Snowymountain: Along with the likes of Dream, he's brought a lot of life to the under appreciated rewiew area of vice. Really cool guy.

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I needed to update this anyway:

A veteran debater on the site. One of the most down to earth dudes I have ever meet on the any site. Hardly can disagree with him due to his well thought out posts and we share many similar interests.

Veteran debater that recently became a mod. Been cleaning up the battle forums and kept us fellow vicers in check. Very helpful to the community overall.

Wiki expert and very nice guy. Motivated me to do the wiki and helped me reach 1000 points. Has had a lot of patience with my editing and helped me a lot. Temporarily battle mod that has promoted and enforced the battle forum rules as well. Has helped promote underrated series and discussions among fellow vicers.

A good pal of mine. Extremely good debater and nice dude. Follows the rules and is quite unbiased. He is the one who got me into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Awesome guy. He has helped me get into a lot of ecchi and such. Nice to everyone and keeps order here on the vice.

One of my pals. Created some badass fanfic series that kept me interested. A regular on the battle forums and knowledgable in gaming. We share similar interests, especially in gaming and sports.

To be continued....

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I can feel the love!!XD

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