Who Can't Goku Beat??...

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Trunks in super saiyan 3 is non cannon ( should happen though )

I really want to say IT to somewhere in space and Kamehameha to the Sun.


you know that wouldnt kill hulk right? goku though would die from the lack of oxygen.

That was reckoned in the movie, Goku can breath ( technically doesn't need to breath ) in space if I remember correctly. Then again its been months since I seen the movie so my brain can be lying to me.

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Wolverine , I guess .

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Just to name some i dont think have been mentioned yet, Bills (lol), Whis, Hao Asakura, Beta Ray Bill, Thor, Odin, Mikaboshi, LT, Beyonder, Abraxas, Inbetweener, Martian Manhunter Anti Monitor, Spectre..........
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Would love to see a Dragon Ball story under him.

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Z with LHW actually solos the whole verse, and then again he isn't even top 10 Lel

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