Which old game would you like to see an remake off?

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For the last hour i`ve been playing Pokemon Heart Gold on the DS and i really enjoyed the nostalgic journey trough the first parts of the game. the new graphic upgrades are what you`ll expect of an new age Pokemon game and the fact that the first Pokemon on your team is walking alongside is just the cherry on the top.
Now for the question: Which old game would you like to see an remake off?
That counts for all the old consoles before the PS2, the Gamecube, and the X Box (NES, SNES, Atari, Dreamcast, GB, GBC ect.) 
choose one or more nostalgic game(s) of your youth or one you would have wanted to play but never could and state why :)
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My Choice: would be Harvest Moon 3 for the Gameboy Colour i loved that game back in the day. With the system of one person doing all the plants and the other person doing the animal is a good concept. 
I also liked the fact that you can choose the colour of both characters, the blood-type, and you can also choose between a total of 8 animals! And all of the choices have an special feature that changes the whole feel of the game. :) (Negative: Only two girls you can marry, feels a lot smaller then the previous two games even though the map is bigger with both an island and a mainland if it would be upgraded this would probably be the most significant change i want in the game)
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Chrono Trigger (I want a real sequel)
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Megaman 64/ legends, Legends was Capcom's attempt to make mega man nto an RPG, and it worked, the game was a great action RPG.

Shadow Hearts 2: great humor with a great story and a fun and invative control scheme, What more could you want?

Parasite EVE This invative RPG from Sqaure Soft (now Enix) took place in the strange world of New York City and featured a very engaging Sci fi story about organi icalled Microphidia (what converts oxygen into energy in cells, probably miss spelled it) actually being it'sown orgism and that they where causing people to mutate0

and Okage. Release as a launch title for the ps2 Okage really didn't get much buzz, and the grapgics wheren't very good, also the combat was starnderd far, but the game shuned with it's sharp wit, plus the original story. Basicly the nameless hero's accultist family find a cursed item and uses it to relaese the spirit of The evil king Stan who becomes the hero's shadow then forces him to find and fight parts of himself to gain back his body

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Hogs of War
Team Buddies
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A reboot of the Crash Bandicoot Series would be nice, but only if it went back to it's roots and got rid of all this mutant crap they've been doing.
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Jackal. Unless I haven't been paying attention XD
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ff series 5-6-7-8 , mmmm wild arms 2
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