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@takashichea: I had no idea you are Cambodian that's actually really cool.

To clarify, I'm (M) born in Miami Florida, my mother is off the boat Spanish/Cuban, and I've lived in Spain for a bit, but I'm American with an Irish Dad and Spanish mother. I've lived constantly shifting from Portland Oregon, to Florida of late.

F the other user is off the boat from Russia, and I believe is in Russia right now, though she might have moved for legal reasons. She travels quiet a bit with her fiancee.

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Thanks, you have traveled out a lot. How's Florida and Spain? I haven't traveled out of state or out of country, excluding Cambodia because of the Pol Pot Regime aftermath and the US had more opportunities for many families who were ravaged by the genocide.

It sounds like F is having a good time.

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Florida is really unpleasant, very hot very tropical, but much dirtier and unpleasant than the Caribbean, though that is where me and most of the M cast crew live. Oregon is basically California, but colder wetter and better looking. Spain is probably my favorite place to live, I adore Madrid so much. Gealicia in North Spain actually looks a lot like Ireland in my opinion, which is where my family is from.

Yeah Cambodia suffered quiet a bit from that, I'm really glad your family made it out find, and I hope America proved hospitable for you.

Yeah F inherited and now manages a very successful Russian company from her past away grandfather, I have no idea what they do, but now she is quite wealthy. She moved back to Russia, I think Saint peters-burgh, from Oregon, and is now pretty wealthy, so yeah. Though with the new Russian laws on homosexuality last I heard shes leaving management to someone else and living the travelers life.

Lucky son of a b-

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im from mexico

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Continuing from the Ratman vs Kei kurono

@UltimateHero0406 said:

@takashichea: Really, I never knew that lol

You've probably said it somewhere before but may I ask what your native language is?

Sorry, I didn't want to drag the battle thread off-topic. It was in this thread that I said I was originally from Cambodia. I don't speak my native language, Khmer, that fluently after being Americanized.


She is lucky to enjoy traveling. I have yet to travel out of the country. Spain sounds nice. Besides, Madrid, was there any other places in Spain that you would like to visit?


I didn't know you were Mexican because I was looking for folks from the region or Latin America for the An Entire World of Anime Fans! -- THE VICE PIT community project. The only Mexican user I interviewed was DBZ Universe. See Questions and Answers. I asked DBZ Universe if he knew any Mexicans in the Vice. I wanted to interview pairs like how I did for the UK, US, and Canada interviews. For the African experiences, I was lucky to find one person, Katmic. Besides Mexican experiences with anime culture, I was looking for users from Asia. One friend, MohsinMan99, was from India. I wanted to interview him, but he was too busy.

Do you know any other users from Mexico or other parts from Central and Latin America? If I used the terms wrong, please feel free to correct me. I know Hispanic and Latino are used different among locals and other ethnic groups. I don't know if I can still do the project since Tom Pinchuk and Sam Weller already concluded with a Vice Pit Video.

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@takashichea: Oh, I didn't see this. Sorry for the late reply!

So that's cool! Ive always wanted to visit that region. SE Asian monuments look amazing!

And I hear that happens to most people after a long time abroad

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@takashichea: Spain is all around lovely, Cordoba and Alicante \are my favorite parts outside of Madrid and Northern Spain. Over all I've been to a decent number of countries, wish it was more though.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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New Providence(Nassau), Bahamas

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Here is the thread. I hope this clears any confusion.

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I'm Dominican with Greek and Egyptian ancestry. I currently live in NY.

@takashichea: You're Cambodian? Cool.

@UltimateHero0406: Oh Hey!! I didn't know you live in NY too.

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Are you American born or migrated from a different country? I was born in Cambodia then moved to the states when I was around 10 or so.

Dream also lives in New York. Now, I know 3 folks from New York, 3 from Georgia, 1 from Oregon, 1 from Florida, 1 from Pennsylvania, and 4 from California.

  • sickVisionz, Wales, and BigHeart711 - Georgia
  • Nishi99 - Oregon
  • FinalDasa - Florida
  • Acura Max - Pennsylvania
  • Taka, ScarletKittie, PikaHyper, and Calaggie - California
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@takashichea: I am American born, but I grew up having Spanish as my first language, but now my English is better than my Spanish even though it's still good.

How is it in Cambodia? Also are there people here who live outside this country?

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Rough. It's hard to survive over there since my family was poor. Didn't go to school until I was in America. Too busy helping with the family business, selling fish in the market. I would say my English was better than my native language.

There are ton of folks in Anime Vice that live outside of the states.

  • Kuma - Argentina
  • Mohsinman99, Supernova7005 - India
  • Sreenivas - Pakistan
  • Gokugx - Bangladesh
  • Katmic - Uganda
  • Sora_thekey - Mexico
  • SamJaz, Daniel Newton, Yusuke52, Supreme Marvel, Chengy, Damswedon - UK
  • Hal - Forgot but he lives in the Caribbean region.

That's all I can remember so far.

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@takashichea: I see. Sounds like you had a really rough childhood.

There are a lot of UK people here. I was thinking of going there sometime.

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I would visit the home country someday. What about you? Would you go back and visit your parents' home country? I met folks not in Anime Vice but at college that they will never go back to their home country due to being refugees or renouncing their citizenship. I forgot about Canada. Auron570, KuronekoXIII, UsaChanMan, Superevil225 were folks I had met back then.

Anime Vice's biggest international audience would be either Canada and UK. I'm not sure about Mexico, Central America, and South America. We have a lot of Spanish speakers in Anime Vice in the forums.

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@takashichea: I have been to the Dominican Republic before and it isn't that bad. In the rural areas, the power goes out frequently and in the urban areas, its pretty normal around there. There are many people there who will try to mug you since it happened to my uncle a few times. That's one of the problems and the giant bugs there too.

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Louisville, Kentucky

The place where they make these
The place where they make these
The birthplace of this guy.
The birthplace of this guy.
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Atlanta, Georgia.

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