whats the first 5 animes you have seen

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Transformers: Beast Wars
Big O
Yu Yu Hakusho
Fullmetal Alchemist
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Sailor moon
Card captor sakura (i think)
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G Gundam
Sailor Moon
Card Captor Sakura
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Dragon Ball
Fist of the North Star
Speed Racer

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Sailor Moon
Transformers: Armada
Samurai X
I think..... I can't really remember what they were exactly but these are some of the first anime I saw.
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These are the five first animes I watched....they were all Arabic-dubbed
 Princess Sarah (In Arabic, the title was "Sally". It used to be my favourite when I was a kid XD It was an anime based on the story "The Little Princess")   

Case Closed  (In Arabic, the title was "Detective Conan")  
 Baby and Me  (In Arabic it was called "My Brother and I"....they never ended up dubbing it in English though :(  )   

 Robotan (same title in Arabic)  

Captain Tsubasa (in Arabic it was called "Captain Majed")   
Those are the ones that come to my mind XD There are some others but I only remember them by their Arabic titles and not their Japanese or English ones XD
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To be honest  
Saint Seiya  
Sailor Moon 
Tenchi Muyo  
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Speed Racer 
Tenchi Muyo 
Cowboy Bebop 
Gundam Wing 
The Big O 
(Yeah... Cartoon Network and Toonami got me where I am now.)
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oh man >.< let me see

I know Sailor Moon was my first, followed by DBZ... so it would be something like...

Sailor Moon



Princess Mononoke

and... I think it was either Outlaw Star or cowboy bebop

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  1. DBZ
  2. DB
  3. Pokémon
  4. Digimon
  5. Yu Yu Hakusho
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  • Sea Prince and the Fire Child
  • Maya the Bee
  • Samurai Pizza Cats
  • Sailor Moon
  • Transformers
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Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Monster Rancher, Transformers Energon

I think

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