whats the first 5 animes you have seen

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Dragon Ball Z
Eyeshield 21
Hikaru No Go
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@Mechanical_Ape:  Yes, I remember trying to watch this show because it was anime and there just wasn't a lot on TV at the time, but it was just too dumb.  I'm a big fan of comedies and I like silly and zany stuff, but this one seemed to be aimed at preschoolers or those afflicted with a mental handicap.   I don't know anything about the original Japanese version, so I won't speculate on its quality, but the English version was just horrid.  The rose-colored glasses of nostalgia may cause some to challenge my opinion, but like a lot of the treasures from our childhood, some things are better left as memories.   
As for changes made, I'm always entertained when I see the differences between what aired on American TV and what the original version looked like.  We're all aware of some NA localization cuts these days like Goku talking off Bulma's panties in the original DB, any hint of the female form and changing Zoisites sex in Sailor Moon, Sanji's smoking, Mr "Satan" became "Hercule" in DBZ and James' boobie bounce when he was in drag in Pokemon.  And, of course the on screen blood removed from too many shows to list. 
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Sailor Moon 




Yugi-Oh? (only saw a few episodes)

Was never really into any of them besides pokemon, but I do remember watching Sailor Moon with my sisters quite a few times.

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I'll probably be dating myself a bit here...
1. Vampire Hunter D
2. Akira
3. Robot Carnival
4. Robotech(SDF Macross) the original USA Network TV run
5. If G-1 counts, then Transformers, as well(TF and G.I. Joe hour-long block from 3-4 pm every day after school was like heaven for a 5-6 years-old, I tells ya).
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salor moon
yuyu hakuso
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 My answers are a bit boring and typical of an 80's kid 
Speed Racer 
Sailor Moon
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Iria Zeiram: The Animation 
8 Man After 
Green Legend Ran 
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland 
Sailor Moon
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Probably Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Digimon and Beyblade. But I was a kid then and watched whatever appeared on the TV. 
I don't want to count the aforementioned anime, so from the time I started to get serious about watching anime, I think it probably goes like this: 
Persona: Trinity Soul 
Full Metal Panic! 
Love Hina 
School Rumble 
Code Geass 
Full Metal Panic still remains as my favorite anime ever.
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@EganTheVile1 said:

"  My answers are a bit boring and typical of an 80's kid  Speed Racer Voltron Transformers Robotech Sailor Moon "

Ack... forgot about Voltron. Still have the scars on my knees from when I fell onto the small metal lions when I was 6.
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sad that this thread dead


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Tenchi Muyo (Toonami version) 
Speed Racer 


@zakman55719: And yet you add NOTHING to it... or nothing more I should say.
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sailor moon
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Shin Chan (The first anime I have ever watched, and the most memorable)
Dragon Ball
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  1. Pokemon 
  2. Digimon 
  3. DBZ 
  4. Beyblade 
  5. Love Hina
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Saint Seiya 
Speed Racer 
Ronin Warriors 
Tekkaman Blade 
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Well, I probably just watched what came on Space Toon. Used to live in the Middle East before....So, the very first anime series I saw were(and in this order):
1. ThunderJet
2. Slam Dunk
3. Pokemon
4. Tiger Mask
5. Dragon Quest
6. Hamtaro
7. Iria Zeiram 
8. Digimon
9. Speed Racer
10. The Jungle Book(Nippon Animation)
Seriously, these 2 songs were responsible for getting me into anime. MUCH BETTER than the original one I'd say......
1.THUNDER JET(Hazeem Al-Raad in Arabic)
Pretty epic stuff if the dubbed opening is better than the original Japanese one imo....
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First 5, that'll be hard to think of...I'm sure I've seen others before the ones I'm going to list however these are the first ones that I can recall.
I think this was the Great Toonami/CNX Era.
Dragonball Z
Tenchi Muyo!
Gundam Wing (Not familiar with it so I don't know what series it was)
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I remember that growing up I used to watch Dragon Ball Z a lot.. I was kind of obsessed with it...... n.n Maybe that's why I was a tomboy growing up n.n 
I think The very first Anime I watched was Sailor Moon and even thought I don't remember anything about it I do remember my favorite was Sailor Mars!!!! Dunno why.
Well, after that Pokemon and Digimon dunno in which order.. and then.... Naruto??? Well, I watched a couple of episodes of it, not more than five
Until recently I became a great fan of it after my  Bleach and Vampire Knight obsession...... Ahhh good times.... ^.^
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so many good animes here lol
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Street Fighter 2 the animated movie
Sailor Moon
Dragon Ball Z
Gundam Wing
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