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Just out of curiosity, say it was your birthday and you had a choice of anything you wanted to do for the day. What would you choose to do?
Today is my birthday and I am contemplating my options so I am curious how others might choose to spend their special day.
Feel free to be as creative or bland as you wish...
Happy Birthday to me!
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@djsquelch: happy birthday!
I would buy myself something normally out of my price range that I can still technically afford. Whatever it is is up to you!
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Enjoy it with my friends as usual
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@djsquelch: Well Happy B-day to you, ya lucky bastard. 
I'd make my parents sit through either half of "Lucky Star" or the first set of "Gintama".
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I ussually just get drunk with friends, put some meat on a barbecue, then we countine to drink eat and sing. what else can you do? 
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I was going to invite people to my house, cook some pizza, and make a mini-con with Karaoke, Videogame tournament and Drunk Deathmatch quiz....
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I'd hang out with my friends and enjoy my presents as usual.
@djsquelch: BTW, Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your cake! <3

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@djsquelch:  If I COULD do anything I want I would give myself a trip to another country as a present, but since thats not the case I think I would just spend it with my friends as always, with a nice barbecue, a pool to relax and maybe some good movies to finish the day.  
OH!! and Happy Birthday.
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@Kuma_From_Argentina: WAS... what actually happened?
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@Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto:  Sorry a grammar mistake.... 
I'm going to invite them the 9th of April, I turn 20 the sixth....
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eat a big mac
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Happy Birthday :) 
I'd kick it with the family.
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I never get to do much on my birthday....since we live out in the rural farmlands outside of town and there is not much to do around here. I usually spend the day being lazy and watching anime. If that fails, I get on the PS3 and game away xD
@djsquelch: Oh...almost forgot, Happy Belated B-day xD

 Oops....forgot to tell her to move out 0_0
 Oops....forgot to tell her to move out 0_0
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@djsquelch: I've always been a loser for stuff like this.  I'd probably just by something.  I've never been good at making events out of stuff.  Even as a kid, my parents would ask me what I wanted for Christmas or my birthday and I'd shrug like, "meh, whatever" and when the day came I rarely had any excitement.  Oh, if you're in school, skip school.  That's the one thing I always wanted to do as a kid but never got to do on my b-day.
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Mina-san, domo arigato gozaimasu!  (^o^)
Thank you everyone for indulging me with your various birthday desires and warm wishes. I gained a lot of perspective from your posts.
As a kid, my birthday has always been during the middle of spring break regardless of which school or university I attended. As a consequence I rarely saw my friends during my birthday and people tended to forget and miss it.
My family always tended to make a big production out of things and while that was pretty exciting as a child, I ceased to want it as I grew older for various reasons.
It was interesting to see your suggestions, some of which I did (cake, games, anime, and a little family time) and some of which didn't happen (barbecue, party, friends, etc.), but I liked everyone's ideas nonetheless.
If it weren't so cold, I think I would really like to have a barbecue and it would be nice to have friends like all of you around to share the excitement.
In the end, I stuck around online for the early part of the morning since I had already been up all night and then crashed shortly thereafter. When I woke, I grabbed a bite to eat and enjoyed some anime and manga. My mother made a birthday dinner, complete with cake and a couple prezzies, because no matter how much I tell her "no," she still has to do something to honor the day. I think she does it more for her own benefit than mine these days. On an interesting side note, the candles for the cake actually burned flames that were the same color as the candles themselves. This was kind of neat and more interesting than sparkling candles or candles that relight when blown out. I noticed I had some online recognition from other friends and acquaintances so it wasn't such a bad day after all. Normally my birthday gets me kind of down because I view it as another year gone by and I start to tally what I have and haven't done, which bothers me more than it should. I am trying to give more thought to what I want to do and focus less on the past (if I have already learned from it) and hopefully my future might be a little brighter as a result.
Thanks again...
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I'd love to go on a holiday with my friends.
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