What will be the plot of the new Metal Gear Movie?

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New Metal Gear Solid movie announced



I want this movie to reveal the mystery of Liquid Ocelot and how Raiden became who he did since MGS Rising is now MGS Revengeance


What happened to both? Raiden and Rose made peace after MGS2 so something made him go AWOL between 2 and 4.

Raiden doesn't interest me NEAR as much as the Revolver. What happened to him?

*Ocelot gets his arm cut off by Ninja

*Ocelot's infatuation with Big Boss means he uses the latter's dead son's arm as a replacement

*Ocelot's arm 'takes over' his mind when Snake is around,preventing Ocelot from killing Snake on two occasions

*Ocelot reveals his arm is now synthetic

*Ocelot reverts back to 'normal'

Ocelot, after the fight, says he's Liquid's mental doppleganger- Big Boss says through nanomachines,hypnosis,drugs and psychotherapy. Apparently he removes the arm to 'bring balance to his mind'.

My question:

Why did Ocelot 'choose' to 'become' a clone of Liquid because the patriots would have sent Snake after Ocelot anyway since they didn't want him destroying the system/controlling it?

If he wasn't being possessed, why did he discard the arm? He should've kept it to keep the ruse.

If he wasn't possessed, why did he have Liquid's voice in MGS2 and have veins on his forehead/a double heartbeat? The Japanese voice actor for OCELOT died so they should've kept Liquid's voice actor (i'm surprised Snake,Campbell or Naomi never went 'He's Ocelot biologically but he behaves and speaks like Liquid'

Why did Kojima imply Ocelot 'threw away' the arm- that's a lame ending for a super villain- posses someone but they take control and discard you.

Could the movie show Raiden chopping it off again? My theory is that the nanos from Liquid's arm were conflicting with Ocelot's own so Ocelot decided to chop it off, it didn't work so he 'became' a doppleganger (though it's annoying they 'threw it away')

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I hope they reimagine the story where all of the characters keep their personalities but the events are totally different. MGS was always a super cinematic series. If they just remade the cutscenes and action sequences into live action I'd be uber disappointed.

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It's most likely going to be about MGS1. Solid Snake is already confirmed to be the main character.

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If it's MGS1 Famke Janssen should play Sniper Wolf and Sean Bean Liquid Snake. Sam Elliot as Ocelot.

I want to see Ocelot as a major character-see what happens to him

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I think it should be an original story not based on the story of the games, mainly because all of the games have too much info to incorporate into a single story.

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