What is your favorite anime animal and why?

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Anime has a lot of cool characters, good, evil, furry, feathered, scaly, and so on..

In this thread we will discuss our favorite anime animals, and why we like them.


Witch Haggar's "evil pet" was a big part of my childhood, why I liked this evil critter? I guess because growing up around cats the idea of one with heat vision that would do my will seemed awesome.... Though I also just think he looks cool.

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The Moogle, kupo. Why kupo? Because if you can't honestly say a sentence without throwing in a 'kupo' at the end, then you can't honestly call yourself the best, kupo.

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@Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto: I loved FF, moogles rule

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Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi Muyo!

Due to her her sheer cuteness...

And because she can turn into a ****ing spaceship!

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Darn. I have to choose one! Well, I picked Plue over Happy in Hiro Mashima's work.

Professor Plue.
Professor Plue.
Plue the Cute Pimp
Plue the Cute Pimp

He's an adorable carrot nosed dog from Rave Master and a celestial spirit in Rave Master. Chicks and guys dig Plue. In addition, Plue is a Rave warrior and can express feelings and needs like a human. He helps his gang in their quest to find the Rave and beat the bad guys. Too bad in Fairy Tail, he is only Lucy's pet who comes out and plays with Happy.

Happy and Plue poke fun at Lucy
Happy and Plue poke fun at Lucy

A great mascot for Rave Master and a great side kick for Happy in Fairy Tail.

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At first it was cats; however after reading EP7 Tea party of Umineko, I started to have a little more of fear of the cats.

I'll stay with the Chocobos they are adorable.

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Kotatsu Neko (Kotatsu Cat) from Urusei Yatsura. He;s big, he doesn't talk, and he likes to sit beneath a kotatsu.

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