What is the worst movie you've ever seen?

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@Samimista: I have a hard time believing that someone could force themselves to read a book they hated unless it for a school report or for money. Let alone finish that one, then read like 4 more in the same series and never actually enjoy a single one of them.

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@sickVisionz: I had nothing to do and was curious to see what the hype was about. I'm open minded so I tried to understand why there's a big fanbase.

Edit: The books I was actually neutral about. Just the major fanbase of young kids and the movies turned me off.

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@Samimista said:

@DBZ_universe said:

Twilight... after the first one, I never saw the others... it was horrible.. seriously Vampires sparkle?? and the sun wont affect them at all!! stupiiiiid if you ask me... but here is what Alucard thinks of the Twilight movies...

Edward Elric's reaction to Edward Cullen:

I admit, I forced myself to read the whole book series a few years back. Don't remember anything about it but for the fact that I kept wondering if it would get any better. Never happened.

LOL... that must of sucked!! I'm sorry for your lost...

Major Armstrong's sparkles>>Edward Cullen's

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@DBZ_universe: To be honest at the time I didn't realize I hated it. Curiosity is what kept me turning the pages. I was wondering how far the development would of went and how Stephanie Meyer would of set up the whole love triangle. I guess in a way you can say I was trying to study the series as a whole at the time to see what conclusions I could draw from it. Though, I realized I hated it not long after reading it with the crazy young fan base, the movies, and seeing the conclusions the internet came up with.

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@Samimista: LOL... at the fangirls!!

So honestly what's the point in Twilight... I don't even think it has a plot.. the only thing I see is.. Bella this and Bella that.. it's annoying

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@DBZ_universe: Recalling from memory, Bella moves to Fork, Washington in either her third or fourth year of high school. Everything's pretty much normal for her when school starts. Being the new kid everyone talks about, starting to make new friends, but then one day in science class while learning about mitosis (I believe it's this or another cycle) Edward tells her how she senses she's different from most people. If I remember right, he can usually read minds but can't read hers for some reason and remarks on how her blood taste sweet.

Eventually, she finds out he's a vampire and pursues a relationship with him. The first book imitates Romeo and Juliet in a teenage style by introducing Jacob (forgot his last name in the book series) who's a werewolf. The werewolves aren't fans of vampires as there's some kind of war between the two. So, the werewolves try to use Bella as bait for Edward to be provoked.

Now, that's just the first book, the rest I can't recall right but if I remember, the second builds up the love triangle. Bella can't make up her mind between who she wants to be with and flirts with both guys.

Either in the third or forth book Bella finds out she's pregnant and becomes a vampire. She eventually ends up having a daughter with a long name that I can't remember.

The first book was alright but the rest I found to have too much drama in it that was unnecessary.

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@Samimista: You read the 4 books!! that's insane....

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@DBZ_universe: Lol! I used to love to read books. I've read so much back then that I was willing to try anything. Now though I just read comics and manga.~

Also, I've never seen it but that Bridesmaid movie doesn't look good. =S I'm sure it's not the worst movie out there though...

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@Samimista: LOL... me too!! I'm only interested in reading mangas/comics now... but I still read educational books once in a while though..

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@Sonata said:


Sadly, this fight scene is still significantly better than anything in the Street Fighter film... and not in a jokey way. Like seriously, everything that would make a fight scene good is way more present in this than that movie.

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Some Worst Movies ever.

Batman & Robin

Battlefield earth

The Love Guru


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Battlefield Earth and that dreadful Mario Bros. film x_x
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