What did you get for Christmas?

Topic started by Dream on Dec. 25, 2011. Last post by sickVisionz 2 years, 12 months ago.
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Pretty self-explanatory question considering today is Christmas. I'll start off with what I got.
Two pairs of joggers.
Casual dress shirt.
Pair of slippers
$20 total in gift card and certificates for McDonald's.
32 GB USB Flash Drive
A Radio Shack bank full of batteries (odd, yet true)
Hat and mittens.
Devil May Cry 3 PS2 game.
Final Fantasy 3 Nintendo DS game.
Patlabor II and WXIII anime movies.
Free movie ticket.
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Modern warfare 3

Hetalia The movie: Piant it white

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Some clothes, a belt, and a watch.
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Cloths, and two games.

One of which was a kickin' old Yugioh game for the PS2.

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Wacom Drawing Tablet

12-port USB hub

Mark Ecko Cologne

Fanny pack x2

Tablet Carrying case

$20 best buy gift card

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My Grandpa bought me a really nice pea coat from an army surplus store. Love it.

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A nice, blue-collared shirt

4 GB flash drive

Tsubasa RESERVoire CHRoNiCLE Vol. 1 from my little brother (because he didn't want it)

A $25 gift card from Target, in which I bought Assassin's Creed II with

A $25 gift card from Gamestop, in which I bought Vanquish with

$25 from my grandparents. I bought Odin Sphere and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance with it

A Sears gift card from another one of my aunts

$50 from yet another aunt

My dad didn't know what to get me for Christmas, so I just asked him to buy me a few old games off Amazon.com. And I got:

Final Fantasy Chronicles

Incredible Crisis

Alien Hominid

Amped 3 (I don't even have a 360, but w/e.)

All of these games for dirt cheap.

Christmas was awesome this year for me. I still got leftover money, so I'll do some after-Christmas shopping for clothes and some more games.

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Wacom Bamboo tablet



Chippendales calendar

Art shit



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Didn't even know it was Christmas, anyway I shouldn't be one to complain considering everything I get from my folks. Pretty happy!

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  • An afghan crocheted by my mom
  • Cookies
  • Puzzle of the mind bender variety
  • Book on DC Comic's Joker
  • Two pug ornaments
  • Anime cat hat and t-shirt
  • Corset
  • Money to help pay the movers and finally complete my move back home where I have the love of parents, friends and pets ♥
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I got a rock

Post by ScarletKittie (132 posts) See mini bio Level 16

@rein: I thought rocks were only given out on Halloween

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@rein: Make sue it doesn't urinate on the carpet:P 
I mostly got pants:P
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I got 100 bucks, so I went and bought some 360 games

Blazblue Continuum Shift

Super Street Fighter 4 AE

Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage

Magna Carta 2

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Infinite Undiscovery

My sister got me the Mount and Blade complete pack on Steam, one friend got me Recettear on steam also, and another friend bought me Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 for 360 and Gungriffon Blaze (a PS2 launch title we found at gamestop for 2 bucks).

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Well I got myself an Alienware laptop


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4 under wears.

100$ polo sport cologne.

40' bravia Sony TV .

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  • New Headphones
  • A box of Nivea care products
  • A new MP3 (Touch Screen)
  • A Batman T-Shirt
  • Some Cash
  • and A Board Game (The original "Sorry")
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I bought myself: Milky Holmes OVA BD, Soul Eater BD, Toradora DVD, Corpse Princess DVD, Amagami SS Part 2 DVD, Panty & Stocking Daten City Paparazzi Artbook, Welcome to Irabu's Office DVD, and a Samsung Admire Android Phone.

My mom and Dad got me 3 tires and an oil change for my SUV.

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