What a diffrence a year makes.

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Last year at this time, the ground where I live was covered in record breaking snow fall amounts. It was this week a year ago, we broke three records, highest week, highest month and highest season, all in the same week. Today, the ground is bare, and temps have been in the mild 50's and 60's for the past two weeks. My parents, both retired, flew south for the month and should be on cruse of the Hawaiian Islands now. Though I am sure there having a good time, they picked the wrong time to escape winter.

As for me, I have work and my animes to keep me busy. The two series I follow, High School DxD and Guilty Crown have both ramped up the action. In the first, we are going to be treated to "the rating game" which is live action chess with combat to the death. In the second, the true forms of some of the principal characters, along with there awesome powers have manifested, and it's go time on a epic scale. I wait with baited breath for the next installments of each.

As for user reviews, my self appointed quests to shed light on animes that have no reviews continues here on Anime Vice. One has yet to be released but I did get an OVA of the first episode. Like High School DxD, it's an adult title with plenty of naked jiggling jugs that was meant to entertain dirty old men (of all ages) like me. The second one was obscure trash, but like the old saying goes, sometimes you have to shovel alot of dirt before you find gold. Please check them out and tell me what you think, I love to talk to people!

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Great job on reviews! Keep up the good work.

Why have you been reviewing a lot of ecchi animes? :)

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Well, the ecchis only account for less than half of what I have reviewed. But to put it simply, I am a 48 year (dirty) old man who watches anime to see a good story filled with blood and tits. My mind is in the gutter, what more can I say?

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