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Considering battle tournaments have failed at trying to pick up any steam here on Vice, figured I would try organizing a more general anime voting tournament centered on some sort of theme like couples, teams and so forth. I'll think up of how to organize rules if this picks up steam, but I am thinking of having anywhere between 32 to 64 entrants with single-elimination and voting allowed for a limited number of days. But before we get to that point, we first have to come up with a tournament theme. Here are the ten tournament themes to vote on: 
1. Anime Couples 
2. Anime Villians 
3. Anime Babes 
4. Anime Heroes 
5. Best Rivalries 
6. Best Team/ Organization 
7. Best Leader 
8. Best Mecha 
9. Anime Cuties 
10. Anime Badass 
You must post which one of these themes you wish to vote and I will run voting for this for the next two weeks. Whichever theme has the most votes by September 7 will be the tournament I will set up and then we will move on to setting up entrants for it. You are also free to give feedback on this idea if you like it! Otherwise, feel free to vote on whichever one of these themes you would like to see a tournament for.
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Interesting, I'll go with Anime Villains 
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Anime Cuties please and thank you.

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I vote for anime badass

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@SpeedForceSpider said:

Anime Cuties please and thank you.

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