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Vivid Dreams Games is a company I one day hope to make, (hopefully in 14 years) in this thread i'll post some ideas of games I plan on making in this company. also steps i've taken to form the company, from getting a buiness licenace to saving up the start up money.

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Ok, here's some of the games planned

This is a world war 2 shooter. Unlike other in the genra, this will have an orignal fictional story. more to come

This RPG i've been working on the script for about 3 years. the only other info i'll give is that it's full of dark humor.

Dark TImes
This survival horror game will represent how i currently see the world. And it won't be Pretty

Demonic Music
This game will be a rock based action game, more to come on the story and game play ideas
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Hey dude , is it okay to make requests or submit ideas?
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of course, I'll take any idea or request into consideration

Also more about Demonic Music. Is the game you play as a nameless hero (currently cause i ha vent given him a name). the story goes that Hero finds a strange MP3 Player at a flee market for 5 dollars, after buying it he decides to check the music on it from the previous owner only to be transported to another world.

The game play
The fighting will revolve around two kinds of music, background normal fight music, that will determine your style. and Charged Songs, These will temporary change Hero into something related to the song, the back rounds will also change. Ex Say we had Coheed and Cabmia's Welcome Home, He would change into a huge Mentour like creature. the first three or four seconds of the song will be just him transforming after that you'll gain control, the fighting stlye will be strong attacks with meduim speed, a the song progreses you wil se changes in both the environment and you character, also in thees forms, you can unlease powerful Demonic attacks, these use the rest of your charge, but do massive damage
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You do know that any game company that exists now can take your ideas, right? I mean I doubt any one from a game company comes to this site, but you still shouldn't put these ideas for everyone to see.
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thank you for the concern but i am not giving any important details about what i believe will be the company major hits. as for the already talked about i have, the on;y chance a company may take it is if the game Brutal Legends douse remarkable well.
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