Virtuous Queen Special Edition: Good things from Bad Events.

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There are some good things to have happen since Misawa's death, despite NHK's issues of covering the aftermath.

You may have heard that Saito, the wrestler that was part of the accident that took Misawa's life, has had death threats made to him and his house partly torched. He is under suicide watch and I hope he makes it through really.

But the Japanese Diet has worked fast - first on a cause that was close to Misawa - Organ Donation. The Diet passed the new bill and now removes the age requirement. 

The second upcoming bill now working through the lower house, deals with Sports in Japan overall. Their asking for a mandatory retirement age, a doctor in every sporting event (your surprised? Don't be.) and possible testing for steroids and such (but thats a major contentious issue).

Much has been said about the Censorship issues, and what not. But it is the fight game and the struggle that makes anime and not the design ascetics (which Huluwood loves to death) and the sexual perfidy (which first brought the game to US but didn't not complete the transition to semi mainstream fame with Pokemon and the like) And you cant have modern anime without the Fight Game From MMA to Purosesu and Boxing (which is one and same Genre in Japan). 

For all the bad things that are going down, at least there are some good things that will come out of it.
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