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This blog is taking break for the next few weeks. The events of the past month is too much even for the Anon of the Internet to bare. Its time for the Anon to go back to the things that makes him human. The world has seen the dirt and utter detritus of a nation whose great statements have fallen by the way side, by the evil governments, the media that has already capliculated these same governments, and has taken away those that refuse to let the world push them down to roles and styles that were thrown away by these same elite.

These are the times that test men's souls. Let God handle what is God, and let man not try to play God. Man's perfidy beautifully told in the great works of Tesuka. We as a civilization is destined to die a slow painful death with no respite, no remorse, nor joy. Man has taken away his own divinity for 30 pieces of Lucre. We will breed ourselves to nothingness and nothingness we shall return. We are Political Prisoners, waiting to be sent to jail for the wrong comic book and are you shocked when other countries want to protect their culture? Racism never had a better advocate. 

The world is enough without us. The only Prayer i have left from my damned soul is this.

To these four who have passed from the sight of human misery,

May God Protect Them and Keep Them.
May God Above Give them the grace they have always desired
May the Lord, the great and terrible King, have the light shine upon these souls,
and finally place them in His Forever-lasting, Perfect and Neverending Peace.

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