Virtuous Queen Episode 16: Genre on the Ropes?

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Ever notice something folks, and Im not joking about this...

I sense an utter tiredness from the US anime intelligencecia.

Recent blogs from the brain trust are not positive to many new manga, nor anime with the exemption of the older works.

The same blogs worry much about the artistic merits of the genre. 

The fans are listless and the detractors are winning.

The issue with censoring may force many to reevaluate other such parts of the genre.

The intelligencia looks at the demographics, the shows that are staying and the shows that are leaving - and they paint a very sad picture.

The Intelligencia sees both models of TV animation (in the states and Japan) failing with in the next few years - and since the internet isn't doing gangbusters.

The Intellgencia sees the words even Japanese fans say about us and it isnt fucking pretty.

So the Inteilgencia is asking for more Pixar Models - but Pixar is Pixar because of Pixar. No two models are the same.

But I realize something very honest.

If Three Companies, all of them non Disney, made much less money than Disney/Viacom/WarnerBrothers and bought this business to the forefront, then why is the Intellgencia so adamantly against them?

I think people need to be honest. Some just are more art house than others. Some are socialistic than others. Others believe in American product more than others.

In this depression, mental; physical and other wise - one must really look deep in the catharsis of their "hobby" and see where the future lies. If it has no future than one must start the process of moving on. But even if it does have a sliver of a chance - one must take the good parts and leave out the bad - or better yet the parts that work from the parts that cant.

Thats goes for life as well. 
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