Virtuous Queen Episode 15: Political Prisoners

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Note: This Post deals with certain issues discussed on AniVice, first about the Herbivore Culture now sweeping Japan, and the recent issues dealing with certain games as well as issues happening in the states as well. It also is one part of a memorial topic I will write about Misheru Misawa that explains the changes that have gone down between his generation and the generation now coming. I also go into some political issues as well and why these things are all linked together to show case many issues that affect the western world as a whole.

Folks, we are at a time where we got to show and prove.

Too many people with too many “good hearts” are trying to get things changed. Not because they want to help women – because if they did they would have first did so in the United States (at home as we call it) and then it will spread (as you see in Iran right now). No it’s because they are too altruistic for their own good.

We in the Occident (we used to call it the Aria, back when we used to call China, Cathay and Japan, Edo respectfully – this is the Middle Age Term for the western world of which Japan is only a very recent participant of) are in a lot of trouble. Every Paleo - Conservative worries about birth rate and Japan is dying, Russia isn’t doing well, the US isn’t getting enough White kids (sorry I’m not being politically correct in this piece) The White Anglo Saxton Protestant work ethic and lifestyle (shared by Japan and Germany, most prevalent in the pre-Civil War South) is being ripped to shreds by interlopers and uncontrollable sexual miscreants from other countries who can’t control there dicks to save their lives, and will never obey the rules of the country they are inhabiting.

Well, that’s what they say and they have metrics from the government to prove their case. But the left also have metrics to prove that their wrong. These things will never be solved.

But one thing I have noticed is that the left, after Obama’s victory has become what they said they weren’t becoming. The Censors. New openness? Not on Equality’s Now Watch. Stoppage of Bush era polices – we need a rain check. New Car? Not the Firebird nor the Mustang. Religious equality? Only if you’re a Muslim and even that is iffy at best (see the Dutch canadate for Prime Minister). Hard work pays off? Not any more in this country or in Japan and the rest of the western world.

And you’re shocked to see the Herbivores in Japan? REALLY? The men have been deballed by a Government that like Green Day has stated – are the bastard children of 1969. The fact they capitulate in a non 1945 – Japanese constitution manner to nongovernmental groups worries me. This has happened in the US before, with MADD and SADD and despite no matter how great the intentions were, there may be just as many drunk driving deaths as there were before.

So we have the Emos in the states, Latin America (the Pokemones), Russia and in Japan the Herbivores and Neo-Otaku. Coupled with the Chavs in the UK and other such unwanted in Europe acerbated by the economic situation and the lack of jobs, and you have the brand new underclass, mostly undereducated - sense infatuated, raised to be socialistic and have that same world view.

But this blog isn’t about the sad things. Let me focus a bit about the Herbivores and what the major complaint is. The older generation states that the younger men look gay, act gay and talk gay. They are not aggressive and don’t want to stay in one place and have children and family. The Herbivores state that they are scared shitless of that is going down in Japan and some have given up on that whole life style. Ironically they treat women better than most Otaku and other men do (but this wasn’t like in the 1980’s and if you seen Masion Ittakou you will know what I mean). Many live with their mothers and can’t hold stable jobs.

But one aspect of the older generation – I respect and admire – is a man who recently passed away, Misheuru Misawa. He came to the states under the name Tiger Mask (he’s the second one and they did a anime series based on Tiger Mask – but New Japan lost the rights for some time and Giant Baba took the rights and the persona and gave it to him) and he faced off a very good Bret “The Hitman” Hart in a match that looking back, wasn’t as good – but showed the promise of the future for both men back in 1990. (He also faced off Chavo Gurreiero Sr, Uncle of another passed on Pro Wrestler, Eddie Gurreiero and son of Chavo Guerreiero Jr – which aspects of Eddie I based my character Hector on in Gothic Sun, my upcoming novel) and called his matches with Chavo Gurreiero Sr, the best matches he ever faced, even despite the fact he had 24 5 star matches (according to Dave Meltzer, now part time Pro Wrestling writer for his Pro Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Daily and mostly full time Mixed Marital Arts writer for Yahoo! Sports) with the likes of Kenta Kobashi, Towashi Kawada, Jumbo Tesurta , Stan Hansen, and many others. And he wasn’t the most popular of the Purosesu stars, another star who passed away just 6 weeks before Eddie – named Shinya Hashimoto was the main man in the 1990’s. (And folks, think about Pokemon a bit, and the charasation of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squritle and Charmander it’s almost like the “Four Corners of Heaven” in All Japan isn’t it in a way?)

But this is about Misawa (and maybe a little about Hashimoto) and what they represent. Misawa was a stoic, silent, collected man. He used his skills (and he did had skills) and produced and saved the King Style of Pro Wrestling. Using the parts of Karate, with his amateur background in Greco-Roman wrestling, American pacing, and just utter “talent” he was the power of a generation of Japanese who took the world by storm between 1987 – 1994. His full skills were placed in a match between his high school classmate – Kawada on June 4, 1993. The greatest match of all time in Japan – and maybe of all time ever by any metric. (The only thing close, CLOSE is Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat, Chi Town Rumble – 1989 and Misawa also had a match with Steamboat)

But, that’s not the main focus. The main focus is that he didn’t sit on his laurels. In 2000, his “mother” (to coin a term) Momto Baba, the wife of Giant Baba couldn’t keep Misawa’s worries about All Japan quiet. He made a move (also in June) that sent the whole world of pro wrestling in Japan convulsions. He broke away from his “mother” – and All Japan, and created NOAH – based on the Biblical story of Noah – to keep the style of Kings Road alive. This was purely an American like move. And just like many risks in America that believed never to work, this company did. He kept the style and its conservative booking to big successes. 2000, 2003, 2005. Kenta Kobashi and Misawa 2003. Lord. The tears. The cheers. Burning Hammer. The big event in Tokyo Dome in 2005. The best 3 matches in a decade, one after the other. The return of Kenta Kobashi after his bout with cancer. Magic in that small stadium.

Sounds like the American story isn’t it?

But, it ends. 25 years of bumping, grinding and all the rest. Fighting in that ring for the love of the fans, for the heart, hustle and soul of the game and art that is Puroresu. A man with a family, A man trying to get the young to take up his mantle. He took one backdrop.

No pulse.


Misawa! Misawa! Misawa!

People around him.

No air.

The ambulance sirens.

“The show has ended”.

Those men that worked with him head to the trailers.

Then, he is no more.

It’s hard to continue, but I must.

That was the reality of his line of work.

He fought longer than he had to, because the young wouldn’t take up his mantle.

He fought longer, because the corporations over there have lost their balls and their heart.

He fought longer, for a mainstream scared of the future.

There is a fight not only in our hearts but in souls. When people, governments, lawyers etc use metrics to give reality to thoughts and not actions nor deeds, we have lost all connections with reality. I’ll tell you where real justice lies. In the streets, and it’s sad to say these things because the streets isn’t enough. It’s the dead end in the American life that our politicians have given up on 35 years ago. It’s the complaints of where all of the Conservatives of this nation (rightly so) place Americas problems on. The Ghetto.

But let me let you in on a secret. No matter what they say – there is such a morality in the ghetto. When a real act happens, real coniquenses acour. In Philadelphia, street vengeance came down on a man, who shouldn’t have been out of jail. He committed unspeakable crimes. The cops couldn’t get him. But the Hood did. 5 men went and attacked him, nearly killed him. It’s truly a blind justice because the same thing happened to an innocent man, but they said sorry. It took 15 days just to get the man to be a suspect.

Yet in Iowa, the place where small town lives and hard working Americans are, a man could spend 25 years because of the wrong comic book. How is this possible?

In simplest terms, we have no sense of the real. We, even those Christians who are born again, even those that became Muslim, or those trying to be more Jewish in their faith live in simulacra. Despite all of those attributes of religion the greatness, its echtlogicy – the many wars of faith – we don’t get the words of what Christ, Moses and Muhammad stated.

Faith without works is dead.  Simple.

Americans can be free, but we keep electing people based on Faith that will keep us free, but they would do the latter.

The lawyers and prosecutors have faith that they can convict a man because he has the wrong comic book, looks bad etc. But they don’t have the proof (the works) that he would actually do it for real.

Altruistic organizations have the faith that they can better the situations of people; however their works may end up hurting more people than helping and maybe not really works, but closet cleaning in the psychology of mankind.

There may be many similarities between religions, but there cannot be “diversity” in such things because it loses its own fundamental pieces of the whole. It is faith without works personified.

The issue with the Herbivores, that the generation that came before failed them – isn’t without merit. But unlike Japan, the US has never gone through the same issues that are going down now (homosexual rights and other gender issues). And when you use the metric, Japan has gone though this as many as three times. The US is just seeing its first wave and already cannot handle it. But Japan in my sense is seeing the backlash – of a generation full of loss and sick of trying to be bigger and better. Its shows in the anime (The Moe and the Pesudo – Yaoi) the overall culture (Bones showed this some time ago on Fox) Its sick of the roles.

But maybe there is a hidden anger in the older generation the young must heed. The anger that Myasaki and others have stated before.  That they are in the digital people, living in a digital world and they have no concept of nature, of humanity, even maybe of sexuality. That it’s the “release” (sexual and/or otherwise) that is the only constant in the new world of the database, the new dark god that promises better looking females, better sex, better relationships. Superflat never had such a impact as it does now and its because of the Censuring of life, from the Government on down not only in Japan, but in the states, with the Iraq action (the solders not allowed to fight, then not seeing the result from conflict from the tears of the solders families – to the tears of the innocents in war,) Censuring until you have no clue, no idea and then no thoughts and then you will become that demon of gluttony that the Liberals, and so called Conservatives want you to be, most powerfully shown in Wall E, a child like blob, no power, no glory nothing that says, THIS IS A MAN.

And that leads into my last point. A bit personal.

I had somebody I liked.

I wanted to risk everything to be with this female.

She is like in the movie, The Ten Commandments, when Moses meets his future wife the woman that is like still waters.

She’s Japanese.

Her family is Royal. Upstanding. Elite.

My family comes from a land where we have some consept of this.

My grandfather went to Norway, taught in the best schools.

My father became the first PH.D in the area he was born.

My mother came from a well to do family, who brought Christianity to the home.

My father and mother raised me to be great, never settle for second best in ANYTHING. (So I have this personal issue with people trying to belittle me for no goddamn reason other than spite)

Some living in the ghetto for a majority of my life hurts me, but I learned.

I made some mistakes, but nothing too damaging.

So when I hear the news that shes with someone else, it’s a gut punch.

And I look at Misawa, and I see that Japan I saw in her and I saw in Teuska and I saw in Berserk and the many children and mature animated series.

I saw the things I wanted to be.

What America was.

I wanted to emulate that work ethic, that stoicism, that greatness and power – with a lot of Paul Robertson to boot.

And for all the conservatives rambling about conservatism, socialism and all those metrics, with all the Christian words and phrases to prove their point. In the end, it all ends in Hypocrisy, because they have DONE NOTHING, ABOSOULTY NOTHING TO SHOW THEIR WORKS AND SHOW A WAY OUT OF A LIFESTYLE IN THE GHETTOS OF THIS COUNTRY AND ALL OVER THE WORLD. A way out of the hell that is the media, and a way out of these issues we suffer. And since most religions have resigned their fate and hope to politics, there will be no way to change this fact.

But in the end, all that work – all that – ended in sadness and disappointment. Such is the way of the humanity and its perfidy.

I wanted to change. But the world wouldn’t let me.

So they changed the game, made it a waste of time to work and raise families that they want to better this country. But it’s not enough for some people. They have to be white, of the northeastern end of Europe. Because they built this country. It’s like certain CIA people stated, The White Anglo Saxton Protestant made the country and we are just its visitors.

But they let it decay and let others take over who never cared about its greatness and gave the rest of us crumbs.

So this is where I end this topic – we only have freedom in our attitudes of life and not anywhere else. Politicians can give some legal freedoms, but that isn’t enough. Only you have the power to change your freedom. You must have responblity for this. And if you don’t, don’t be shocked when they come after you. You have the power to change you fate, and if you let somebody change it – then they will and you will be like the rest of America, Japan and the rest of the western, nee the whole world has become – the people that refused to live.

And it’s like others have stated from that “Company” as well. Morality is a great set of tools, but in practice it never really fits. Faith without works is dead, Christ, Moses, Mohammed is enough – people need to look at your actions and not your words. We can’t keep placing our morality on those that already do have it without knowing the Holy Writ.

In the end, Bruce Lee stated it best.

You can’t own yourself, how can you own the rest of the world?

The world can’t be one.

For we need freedom

From other peoples silliness

And our foolhardiness.

Until Next Time.

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