Virtuous Queen Episode 14: More Musings of the Anon

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You ever wonder what the Anon thought about Cosplay?

Well, If its not All Hollows Eve... its just kinda ... strange. That not say certain females look good in certain costumes! 

But this Particular Anon always wanted to get in the suit of the Legendary Kamen/Masked Riders. Starting from Black RX... Then Dragon Knight - then Kabuto and Kiva. I am a huge fan of the series. Their was a problem with it though. The money and production. See, it takes a lot of money and some ingenuity to make these suits. I had the time just not the tools.

But if you catch me in any convention... I will be wearing a suit. Because ill be making business deals folks.

Speaking of which, I showed my friend Sabata the article dealing Yaoi selling more than Hetero. Im not too surprised about it but Sabata stated that one thing he realized that the Hetero stories are NO WHERE near as good as some of the futa and yaoi stories. The best artists he says are in the Hetero/Futa side but they just use the same American Porno Conventions and way too many "Parodies". There isnt that many Parody in Yaoi - the Gay issue is a major Political sticking point in the states, and its based on what Freud called Penis envy.

I say its more of a population issue - there are more women than men in the world, and not all of them (even sabata agrees) are pretty enough. For men, we are fighting over a much smaller group of mates. For females they have a much wider choice. This is shown in the main hentai works (note i dont see Hentai but my friend does) and the Futa - it also is split between the moe and the more endowed female. The other reason is what I stated before - its become more of a Political/Social statement. The reason why we have so many men with lipstick and painted nails is to get with the female because they cannot be masculine in a Anti-Human society as the US has become over the last 15 years. But this doesn't always work - they want a more masculine male to marry. So they are caught between a rock and a hard place. 

I think the issue comes down to the inner masculine many females dream about. The Artists do a good job of showing light out of any orifice and what not. And in a psychological sense, light is meant to be conforming and holy.

Im still going through things. I just needed to be with the guys for a few days. Forget my troubles. Think about what I need to do with my life. Things are never going to be easy anymore. I mean, GM (and Detroit and more importantly the United States) is bankrupt, females are going crazy with you know I dont know stealing money and going to Disney land and then filling false reports that two black guys car jacked her and kidnapped her daughter.  I mean really.

I think sometimes 4Chan (where Im from lol) shows the loss and lisnessness of this country. Maybe Green Day finally wrote the song that needed to be sung. "American Eulogy" 8 years too late.

Sorry, just depressed - too many things lost...nothing else is gained. 
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