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Yeah, this screams "Timed Exclusive" but regardless


Yes, finally. It's come forward. The theory of USF4: Omega mode being the base engine or at least the style on SF5, at least that's what I get from comparing what few scenes I looked at.

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Smash was a lot of fun. Has a ton of unlockables. I feel it was too easy to unlock all the challengers for this game, and it's only a few hidden characters. Eight Player smash is my most frequent mode of choice. I cannot go back to 4 player smash anymore. It's better if you have a large group. My roommate and I invite the guys and their gals over for Thanksgiving week before I head home for the holiday weekend. It was really chaotic and fun. Too bad, online sucks with Nintendo. In order to get the full experience, you have to be there physically with everyone.

As for the characters, I don't have a particular favorite character. I do have some characters I don't like such as Megaman and Duck Hunt. I think that was it.

My main gripe is that the challenges are not clear or mostly centers on solo. I prefer the challenges to open up to both solo and co-op. I remember one of the challenges were unlocked when we doing it co-op. I can't remember what was it. Also, the menu is confusing with its layout and where options are located.

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@Acura_Max said:

A trailer for Street Fighter V has been leaked. And it's confirmed that the new game will be a PS4 and PC exclusive. There is no word on the xbox version and there could be a chance that this will be a timed exclusive. That said, I wonder if this will result in backlash like what happened with Rise of the Tomb Raider since Street Fighter IV was on xbox last gen.

Well, that sucks lol

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The Game Awards show is on right now. You can watch the live stream right here! Which game will be crowned Game of the Year. Find out here. Also, there will be tons of cool trailers and stuff.

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@GokaiRed: @MarioRedfield: It's confirmed. Street Fighter V will be a permanent Sony exclusive on the consoles.

Street Fighter V is coming to exclusively to PS4 and PC, Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono confirmed today at PlayStation Experience.
Sony partnered with Capcom for development of the game, and players will be able to play with each other across platforms on PS4 and PC. Sony's Adam Boyes added that "PS4 will be the only console this game ever appears on."
"It was clear, to match the passion of Street Fighter fans around the world, we need the combined strength of both Capcom and PlayStation," Ono said.

I had heard that Capcom did not have the funding for Street Fighter V. It appears Sony chipped in alot of cash to help this along. That said, the game will be on PCs and could be appear on other consoles in future installments. So, Ultra Super Street Fighter V could be appearing on Xbox One and the Wii U.

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... This looks familiar.

Nah, 'could just be imagining things...

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Oh I missed this. Probably watch after finals or when I get some down time. I haven't seen a lot of games this year, so this would be entirely new to me.

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Catching up on anime and video game news. I saw this on Crunchyroll. I never did played Final Fantasy 7. I know there are split among fans because the games are very diverse in the franchise, so I saw some folks love a certain game and hate a certain game.

I heard FFVII was a big favorite that pulled in people into JRPG in the states.

Here's a vid that has a collection of artists and their work.

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Giantbomb is having another Hearthstone tournament. And this time they are accommodating for new players so they may have a chance.


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This better not be a big hit like that Kim Kardashian app.

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I got Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix Limited Edition. It came really quickly. I expected to come after finals week. I didn't know I accidentally sent to my family home, so my siblings show me today (I believe it came on Saturday). I meet my family every Sunday due to Church.

I did wish the seller would put packaging material so the box wouldn't get dented. In the end, what matters most is the game working well and the contents inside with the pin is in good condition. I let my younger brothers and sister play the game. Otherwise, I would get distracted and tempted to open it. I just left feedback on Amazon, politely telling them to put in packaging material for their products. I know this will help them to keep their customers happy in the future.

Didn't see the video. I just read the article on the winners for VGA:

Jury voted awards

Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface.

Game of the YearDeveloper of the Year
Best Independent GameBest Mobile/Handheld Game
Best NarrativeBest Score/Soundtrack
Best PerformanceGames for Change
Best RemasterBest Shooter
Best Action/AdventureBest Role Playing Game
Best Fighting GameBest Family Game
Best Sports/Racing GameBest Online Experience

It was great seeing all these nominations and winners.

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