Vice Squade Ep. 18 two brothers, a hero, and a man with a guitar.

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Join Moonstorm, Lunermoth, Heero Yuy, and OutlawSpike as we cover the News on Anime Vice.


Endless eight is ending.

Ponyo screening.

King for a day.

Zatch Bell creator is coming up with something else.

4Kids is 4Sale


Ivy Vs. Squenix.

Akira is back.

Saimoe is cool, fight to the death.

Don't know what it is but it should be cool.

I'm a Hitman the movie (hopefully better than that other Hitman movie).

Government funded anime.

Manga on the phone is working.

Crunchyroll get Hanasakeru Seishounen.

Japan game are now cheaper so go get some.

Fairy Tail, Voice cast list.

Maids don't leave us in despair.

How not to be an Asshole in the exhibit hall.

Eden of the East via movie.

Miyazaki tales of earthsea.

Fate/stay night movie.

Blu-ray (what do you want.)

Times are hard for animation studios. (and everywhere else too.)

anime gets it's own Wonderland

New series, Betrayal knows my name.

Miyazaki at CC.

Halo anime trailer.

What to watch on anime network.

Works of Tezuka Osamu.

House vs. Blackjack.

Princess Sara gets princess drama.

Junichiro Koizumi, Dubya, Putin go Anime.

Cencoroll made by one guy.

Nariko Sakai goes missing.

Crime never pays. (DON'T STEAL POSTERS)

Cat ear headphones not that cool.

WTF Japan

Boob pudding.

Wife robots (stop it japan)

Moe melons (get you head out of the gutter I really mean of melons)

K-On porn. (and that not a left handed bass)

Gigantor it BIG.

Eating dinner with your fake wife.

Samurai maids.

Figures & Cosplay

Danny Choo mascot, Mio, and Gothic fairy figs. Nano fig

figs at CC.

Wonder Festival.

Cosplay at CC link I, II, and III

Chun li and Cammy figs

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Once again, thank you very much for having me.
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No Problem Heero, we all had a blast. I just love throwing these things together.
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