Vice Squad Ep.11 We dig giant podcast

Topic started by MoonStorm on June 11, 2009. Last post by Lan 5 years, 8 months ago.
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Join MoonStorm, Lunermoth, Red Roses, Cogito, and Schwindelmagier.
Concerts as awesome
Misato on the PS3
Release dates for Blood the Last Vampire, Spice and Wolf, First Squad, and new Yamato.
Do we recommend ghost hunt.
aBE is working on something.
Naruto live action, We fear it.
Tim is an awesome man.
DBE revenge of the suck.
TV in SoCal gets anime.
CPM sale, Everything must go.

Digging giant robots and giant robot toys.

Plus some naruto figs, Lucky Star Macross figs, and Konata fig.

WTF japan

Terminator in doraemond

Cross dressing singers.

Gernderswaps it fun to do to anime.

green tea in your coca cola.

There a Dragon ball game for every one.

Manga dose it inspire you.

After the show we talk random crap so stay and enjoy.

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*Hates his quietness* T_T
Post by RedRoses (1,437 posts) See mini bio Level 14
I will never be able to not laugh a lot... But that's how I am. Annoying laugh for the lose...
I love this podcast episode~ I love the random tidbits we went off of. Going on a random tangent is quite fuuuun. But holy crap the episode was uber long this week hehe. I guess the tangents are that long?

@the dizzy mage: It's okay :) You'll get used to the quirkiness of the podcast. It's your first time (le gasp we took your podcasting virginity I assume? :o) so you'll be fine the next time you guest on it.
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I was invited and given the info to join but everytime it's happening my WoW guild is raiding, so if we ever have a down night or I get cut from a raid, I'll drop in.
Post by Lan (621 posts) See mini bio Level 13
@RedRoses: "So you wanna see my drill *wink wink*" I fell over laughing at that!
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