Vice Squad Ep. 4, Late, long, and loli???

Topic started by MoonStorm on April 27, 2009. Last post by RedRoses 5 years, 11 months ago.
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Vice Squad Ep. 4
We are back, a little behind but none the less here. This time on Vice Squad we greet a new podcast the Squadcast. Vicesquad, Are we out of the job?
Next up new and updates on shows, what do you want licensed, should we be in more despair, and what up with the new DBZ.
We get dirty with How to get laid, and a vary dirty show.
We'll talk about if K-on rocks or not and a 'nice boat'.
A bit of game new with the Sexy bikini Zombie Killer.

Also cover the Future of anime industry, and Userday good job Kuro.

  • Some forums stuff, Mmmm… I want eat their plus do I have free will.

  • After the the ED song Duran Duran - Girls on film.  We talk to see what it take to buy a loli dress.
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My laugh still sounds fake like the last podcast... guh. How horrible. I guess my natural laugh really does sound that fake. Apparently, I like to laugh for no reason too. A lot.

You left the static on? Not cutting anything out? I guess I should make sure I don't eff up the next time I record right? haha The Uncut-ish edition of episodes. Yay!

Disclaimer: I'm NOT a lolita expert AT ALL. I have no idea what I'm saying half the time (or maybe even a quarter of the time). I just want a pretty dress that is unique. I really should research the lolita style's history more.
And yikes I'm trying to be modest at the end but I utterly failed. hahahahaha

 I was thinking about making a logo for the podcast since it's fun to doodle but I'm not sure of what yet so if anyone has ideas, go ahead and throw it at this post or PM me. I was thinking something with sign(s) and at least three (probably chibi) characters with some stereotypical stuff like a neko girl, a ninja, and other random things that pop up in my head.
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