Vice Squad Ep. 21 Everyone broke and loves Giant robots

Topic started by MoonStorm on Sept. 6, 2009. Last post by Black_Rose 5 years, 6 months ago.
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Saimoe update
The shutdown the selling and ugly 1, 2
Gundam the ceremony will be in our hearts
CPM also 
Tokyopop news 
Contest if you can draw 
Gundams are epic even if the creator may hate games
  FMA not so great anymore, I blame time
 mmm shows
K-ON live action yea right
China is a copycat
But K-ON fan art rocks
Full Power to the main cannon
The roses attack we all most likely die
Nyan koi, Lunermoth can make cat sounds
Ponyo well rock on Bluray if you got the cash
Crunchrolls still doing things
Soul eater may eat your Soul
If you Soul black or darker

Gurren Lagann makes everything better
We all don't get boob pads.
Samurai Cafe, that about it
SZS right, japan will lift anything even anime
K-ON loves the heavy stuff
SZS openers rock 
Fire it fire
Ponyo is on a boat, take a real good look 
Creepy EVA dolls eh...
now that what we like, that the good stuff.
and even these figures rock and sing.

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Awesome episode guys. You should try to embed it (sp?) here so it's easier for the lazy people to listen to.
Loved the "what the f*%&" effect btw.
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