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I'm always looking for unique and interesting powers to further my imagination and my RPG characters.

What unique/interesting powers do you know of? (I sometimes use this website to look through some: http://powerlisting.wikia.com)

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A lot of devil fruit users have unique skills, for example Nico Robin can multiple her body parts, or Wapol can transform to the things that he eats.

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@Rize: Look at the powers from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

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Hamon and Stands.
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Trafalgar Law's Room.

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The powers of Yoshimori Sumimura.

here is a link of me showing the feats of it. It is on my first post.


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Half the powers from Toriko(such as Conduct of the King, Satan Hair, Minority World and Hungry Space), half the powers from One Piece (Law's room, Kuma's paw etc.) and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Golden Requiem 'nuff said).
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Bleach powers solos

Well desuka has some really broken and nice powers >_>, the devil fruit users from one pice and bastard has incredible and some intriguing powers.

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