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@EVA_01: A Super Robot is pilotable by definition. Volfogg is a Mecha, but it aint a Super Robot. I know the difference between the two genres, I saw all bloody Gundam and most of of the classical Super Robots. The Super Robots that arent piloted are controlled from the outside, like Tetsujin 28.

Then 50ft Tall and Pilotable is the definition of Super Robot, roughly. Add ludicrous unrealistic power and you have it

And the answer is still no, it's not a Super Robot. As 99% of the Super Robots ain't characters but objects

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: I know it's the internet but you seem annoyed for some reason lol.

I've also watched/read a ton of Super Robot / Real robot series. And I've always called large ridiculous flashy mecha super robots, pilot-able or not.

And the reason I asked if it's a "super robot" is because there are mecha with AI like Volfogg out there, therefore they count as characters.

But if that's your definition of the term I can agree with that.

On topic:

Was it ever remade or rebooted? (the series not the robot)

EDIT: And I wouldn't say "Roughly" for example the RX-78-2 Gundam is over 60ft tall, and yet it's not classified as a Super Robot. So they have to have ridiculous powers.

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@EVA_01: It had a soft reboot

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