trying to get into watching anime..

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hi everyone, my name is AjayRaz and (maybe) some of you might know me from Giant just thought i would come over and check this site out.. i've always been a fan of the style of anime and stuff like that. it's nice to meet all of yous. ^.^ 
i've never really watched much anime/manga to be honest (i'm ashamed of myself :( ) . i've tried to get into watching it..but i don't know where to start.. can any of you guys recommend any anime series that i could check out? i'd love to start somewhere :p particularly something that i could watch online.  
thanks everyone. 
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@AjayRaz: How about checking out Cowboy Bebop.  That should be a good start.
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@JJOR64 said:
" @AjayRaz: How about checking out Cowboy Bebop.  That should be a good start. "
thanks, but I just checked out K-ON! and i'm loving it ^^  
i'll def. check out Cowboy Bebop after 
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K-ON! is a good place to start, the series isn't too long or too short and it's enjoyable to watch all the way through. And the opening and ending songs are damn catchy!
If you're ready for a serious anime after that, I highly recommend giving Bleach a go. It's got a great story with lots of twists, it's funny and just awesome in general :D
Although you might want to skip the Bount Arc, it's filler so it doesn't matter. Very little of it is worth watching.
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@AjayRaz: K-ON! is a good start.  Right now I'm watching Kanon.  That might be something you could consider watching next.  There is only 24 episodes of it and so far, I'm enjoying it.
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Slayers is a good series that emerses you in an in depth fantasy world while still being hilarious
GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) is also very funny, and features the most charismatic character i have ever seen in an anime
Devil May Cry, if you a fan of the games this has got the action to satisfy you
 Street Fighter II is also a good game based anime, and the movie for this series features one of the best songs i have heard in an anime (Them Bones by Alice in Chains)
When They Cry is a great horror series focusing more on psychological scares.
Gantz for if you looking for a lot of violence
Paprika is a good movie about an invention that can allow people to see other dreams, and the effects it has on the test subjects when it is hacked
Here;s some games that have anime influenced stories that you can try, fist just about any game from developers Gust (Atelier series, Mana Khemia, Ar Tonelico, and Disgaea all come to mind) and Persona 3FES and 4
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Unfortunately AjayRaz I don't know you from GiantBomb but it is nice to meet you as well.  
Now if you are going to start becoming a fan of anime and manga I recommend the following anime series: 
1. Naruto Shippuden (Though you may want to watch Naruto which is before Naruto Shippuden so that you may have information about the series and know what is happening).  
2. Bleach 
3. Afro Samurai 
4. When They Cry 
5. Ghost In The Shell 
Those are some good series to name a few.
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Ichi The Killer
all the best stuff there
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@Newten said:
" . And the opening and ending songs are damn catchy! 
yeah, they're really catchy XD they're great too. 
@Newdeath said:
 5. Ghost In The Shell 
i heard ghost in the shell is amazing.. i will have to check that out too ^^ 
@ThePsychoGamer:  great list, i'll def check out some of that out.  
thanks for all your help.. this is great :) 
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It really depends on what sort of anime you are looking for, but as for just good starting anime;   
Fullmetal Alchemist 
Death Note 
Cowboy Bebop 
Outlaw Star 
Rurouni Kenshin 

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Welcome to vice,
I would recommend animes such as:
Dragonball Z
Naruto / Shippuuden
Lucky Star
It all really depends what sorta genre's you like tbh
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