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Harems (I am a sucker for seeing multiple women fighting over one emotionally dense guy who is a lost cause when it come to displaying his feelings to them)
Which of the following would you rather do? Attend a Aniplex panel session (at a Convention) or attend the Viz Media panel session?
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I'd go to the Aniplex panel session, I like more of their stuff XD 
Which addiction would you rather have? Ryuk's apple addiction (Death Note) or Death the Kid's symmetry obsession (Soul Eater)?
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Death the Kid's symmetry obsession  
Would you rather encounter Deathstroke in a dark alley or encounter The Punisher? 
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Touch choice, but I'd say if I were a criminal I'd want to meet Deathstroke, but otherwise I'd say The Punisher (seeing as he only kills people who do crimes and what not) 
Mega Man or Proto Man?

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