Theism vs Atheism

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Do you believe in God, why do you believe in God, and in what kind of God do you believe?

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god ftw!
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I don't believe in God. 
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LOL! God ftw , atheism can't help. that's my opinion. 
and i will explain this :  
ok if god didn't exist , that means my future is in the hands of people who have proven to fail over and over again , which indeed it's hopeless , (even in my hands ,my future doesn't look so well at  my best ). also if God didn't exist ,that means i could decide  what is right or wrong and   sometimes that is another  problem.  
the fact is humans hasn't been made to rule themselves  
jeremiah 10: 23:  
  "LORD, I know that people’s lives are not their own; 
   it is not for them to direct their steps. "    

i know catholic church is not acting in good faith, and some religious  people as well , the suffering still exist and  problems are more common. but those are not reasons to deny God.  
i don't know why many people hate God , he hasn't done anything to them . people have created a lot of problems themselves. God is not responsible for anything.
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@SilverGalford said:
So you don't care whether your beliefs are true or not, you just go with what seems the most comfortable?
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@Mechanical_Ape said:
" I am an atheist. I've looked into multiple religions before, but I've never found one that I believe has any validity. I am not against organized religions, for the most part, so long as no one is preaching at me or trying to convert me to something. I let people believe what they want to believe as long as they do the same for me and anyone else that doesn't want to follow their religion. In the end, though, I would need some sort of definitive proof in order to be convinced that there is some sort of invisible higher power. Until something like that happens, I see no reason to believe that there is anything more. "
Exactly this. I believe something probably created us, but whatever created us doesn't hold the power over us any longer. 
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@Mortein said:
" @SilverGalford said:  So you don't care whether your beliefs are true or not, you just go with what seems the most comfortable? "
That's most things in life.
I don't follow any religion but I believe there is a God.  Science has yet to prove how you get something from nothing and there's about as much undeniable fact to the big bang theory as there is with creationism, which is zero, zip, zilch, nada, nai, nothing.  Plus, most of the athiest I know are annoying.  They are people with strong beliefs that hate and bash anyone who doesn't follow their system of beliefs, which is like everything bad about religion but none of the good.
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@Mechanical_Ape: You've missed the meaning of the word "theory" in a scientific context.
To be considered an acceptable theory, the hypothesis must accurately explain a wide array of phenomena based on consistent empirical data and must make definite predictions about the results of future observations. That the Big Bang happened is proven. It is consistent with every observation and experimentation made. The only questions scientists have is how it happened exactly and the nature of its results, but that it happened is not in doubt. The difference between a theory and a law is that a law refers to how nature behaves under certain conditions while a theory is more a panoply of how things work in the universe and why it displays certain properties.
God on the other hand is no more than an idea- a philosophical theory that is supposed to explain the branch of philosophy in question. 
As for myself, I am technically an agnostic as God cannot be disproven, but I am a practical atheist as I find it highly unlikely.
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even if the big bang did happen, who do you think made it happen, and even so, where did the first living organism. 
my point is that you can give a probable scientific explanation and related with other common facts, but that's just not enough. 
The message I am trying give here is that everything happens for a certain reason, and not because it was meant to happen, saying something is meant to happen just like that is literally stupid. 
some of the debates about the big bang, or the first appearance of a living creature, is like this metaphorical conversation I made up:  

Where  did the chair come from? 
scientist: it was cut off from the ground, sawed to the right size for the human body, then carved into the right shape. 
priest: dude, the lumberjack made it! 
scientist: Lumberjack, pffffttt, riiiiight. 
ME: don't you guys think you both can be right.
ME: I mean I can easily say your both are wrong, but you are both thinking people looking for an answer to everything. 
them: yeah where pretty awesome... 
ME: shut the @#$% UP, and listen,  science guy you have a logical explanation and could be right cause it's based on real life facts and research, and you, the other guy in the dress you can be right, something or someone did motivate or start this at first.  cause we can't just say shit  happened and everything including us came to existence randomly.
them: well, what is it then? is their a lumberjack or not? 
ME: *face palm*

what this means is you can say the universe was made by a big bang, or that life started like this or like that... but you would  get stuck in long line of cause and effect , because there has to be something or someone that started it all. giving a theory for the start of existence won't prove there is no god, but would theorize that the "god" or "the first creator" did it differently but it doesn't matter what it is now, but there was definitely something that started it all.
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I'll respond to responses to my post, but not dealing with earlier posts in detail unless requested.
To be succinct, I am an atheist. I want to believe as many true things as possible, and as few false things as possible.  There is no demonstrable proof for a god, therefore I am an atheist.  If you want to be specific, I am an agnostic atheist, though gnosticism is a term that is often confused.  Anyone who claims to be a gnostic theist OR gnostic atheist, I call into question.  I know of very few people who claim to be agnostic theists, but I disagree with them as well, as that stance simply makes no sense. 
@Nevermind: That's not gnosticism.  Theism is a claim of belief, Gnosticism is a claim of knowledge.  You can be both an agnostic and an atheist (I don't BELIEVE a god exists, and I can't KNOW for sure), or an agnostic theist (I BELIEVE a god exists, but I do not KNOW for sure)..    
@SilverGalford: Common misconception, atheists do not 'hate' god, because they do not believe that he exists.  If you could prove to me that god exists somehow, yes I would probably hate him because he was a brutal dictator that ruled via horrific acts of violence, slavery, racism, and tyranny.  But because there is no proof that he exists, I have no more reason to hate him than Bugs Bunny.  
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@Addfwyn:  I know what it is. I subscribe to agnosticism because I believe we cannot know one way or the other, I just go with what I think is most likely.
Edit: Ah, now I see the conflation I was making.
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@Nevermind: we don't know if he's a made-up philosophical idea or not. just saying it like that is just another philosophical idea to counter it. 
@Addfwyn: you should check-out destiny productions they have some youtube videos by the user name destinyproductions, and a forum.  I think they are just the answer you are looking for, just try it, it's perfect for people like you, but it's gonna take you a lot of time and study to actually understand what the hell there talking about, but trust me it will all make sinse in the end
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@Rapest_of_super_heros:  Exactly. It is a philosophical idea to counter it. We cannot know one way or the other, it is a matter of belief.
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@Nevermind: seriously, if choose to be atheists we might be wrong lose or face some consequences, and even if we did choose a religion, which we don't know if that's the right choice, which religion would we follow.  
is there no way to avoid the big all mighty facepalm????????
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@Rapest_of_super_heros:  Occham's Razor is the best we can hope for, and knowledge of history and science has already proven many religious claims false.
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Who knows... maybe I would be happier if I believed in God...
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i believe in God but i also believe that God doesn't care wheter your believe in him or not and what he cares about is that you try your best to do what is right
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 I don't believe in any God    
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I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, how he is described in the Bible and that his son came to earth in the flesh.  
The proof is in the pudding.  
The existence and history of Israel itself gives testament to an all powerful being, and his direct interaction within an historical context with a group of people. 
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Agnostic, of course. Considering there are enough divisions and interpretations of how religions make out their god(s) to be like, I can't find myself accepting any of them to be an absolute truth. Yet at the same time, science has yet to absolutely prove whether it was a Big Bang or a omniscient and omnipotent being that created this very reality we live in. Unless an absolute truth is discovered (which I highly doubt will happen in my lifetime), I shall be an in-betweener with the whole faith vs logic fiasco.
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