The "Would You Rather?" Game

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i would rather get a instant KO than drink a very toxic slime from a poison pokemon. if i knew the poison doesn't kill me then its muck .


you were kidnapped tied to a chair ,you open your eyes . Who would you rather see . Kuroha Diana Shirator or Yuno

NOTE: in case of yuno you are drugged and you basically have the same amount of brain function of a potato .

and diana well...she'll probably do what she did to those 20000 other people .

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Yuno. Rather have her scenario because the other one's a bigger nutcase.

A powerful move with heavy recoil or a deadly powerful move that has the random chance to heal your opponent instead?

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Recoil moves. Some of them are amazing like Brave Bird and Volt Tackle.

Would you rather clean human feces with only your bare hands or get a justin bieber tattoo in your face?

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Clean dat shit (literally).

A game of Uno against all Seven Deadly Sins and Elizabeth or A game of Sorry against two Akatsuki Members and Madara Uchiha?

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