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Since no one died in Season 4 finale, the pilot episode is probably dangerous. Thanks for the news tip.

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@ElHa: @5th: @takashichea: @sickVisionz: Season 5 trailer is out and it looks like the group have worked out a way to get themselves out of bondage. If you don't want spoilers as to how they escape the crate, don't watch this trailer.

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How can I resist when you gave me a trailer? I didn't see much since my eyes aren't sharp.

I see Beth is with another community that has dark secrets of its own. I'm curious why Rick let Gareth into their group on the way to Washington.

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I'll avoid that trailer. One thing I will say is that Rick is like a death dealer. It doesn't matter the scope, but every situation he gets into is one where he ruins it. Whether it be Herschel's farm, the Governor's city, the prison, or probably this place... he brings death and destruction everywhere he goes. He is the beast man.

Anyways, I'm excited to see where season 5 goes. The way that season 4 ended was intense. The entire season didn't shy away from darkness but the scene where Carl and Mishone were almost raped was like a new level of intensity that the show hadn't had before imo. I know Maggie was almost fake raped before but taking things to child rape was a new level. I hope season five over can keep up that level of depravity and showing what the world has really become. It reminded me of the type of shows I really got into when I first started digging into anime. The Elfen Lieds, Gunslinger Girls, etc that were like depression based series that seemed to be based around life being this horrific thing that people struggle to survive knowing that nothing but sorrow and hell awaits them. Definitely kinda emo but I really love stuff that gets really dark. I hope season five keeps it up.

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@Acura_Max: So intense, I cannot simply wait for Season 5 any longer.

It looks like to me everyone in Terminus is a cannibal or something.

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Nice. Can't wait for new episodes :D

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Got some stuff from San Diego Con, but there are so much stuff:

”[joking] I thought they were going to kill me off on episode two.”

“None of us are the same as in Season One. I’m so beat up right now. I’m definitely as awkward as Daryl. I’m a lot like him though—cut from the same cloth, just different parts of the world.”

“In this apocalypse everyone has had their potential unlocked. Back at home [Glen] wouldn’t have been this person. But now he has things to protect. He’s learned a lot. At the end of last season, he overcame an incredible task—to find the people he lost. Even though it was dire, he held out hope. Even though it is dire, I think he’s carrying on their legacies and he has hope.”

“You do what you need to do, which is kill 7-10 people at a time, then you snatch a moment to show a bit of emotion. The physicality of the show exhausts you so much, and exhaustion does make it easier to cry.”

“I decided I was going to meet comic book Abraham in the middle. It’s mostly about attitude anyway. He’s a badass. My first season was like moving into someone’s house and sleeping on a couch. This year, they’ve built me a room.”

“I go to both sides—getting torn up physically and emotionally. She’s more agile than me, so I consistently have to catch up with what she’s capable of. It proved challenging to hang on to her dark parts so tightly, even while healing the outside wounds. She keeps me on my toes.”

“She’s prepared to do anything. It’s coming to terms with the fact that this is the way the world is now. I think at her center she feels justified and it comes from a place of caring. If it weren’t for that, what’s the point of living?”

[A late surprise arrival to the panel]

“It’s been an awesome experience. Growing up on the show I’ve had the most amazing mentors. It’s been one third of my life. [To which Hardwick interjected, “You just made me feel very old. I was here five years ago. Like standing right here.]”


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