The Three Characters You're Going To Use In Marvel vs Capcom 3?

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Trailers: - 1st trailer - 2nd trailer - 3rd trailer

Ororo Munroe / Storm trailer:
Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds is set to be released on February 15 for North America, February 17 for Japan, February 18 for Europe and First Quarter of 2011 for Australia. The game is available in PS3 and X360.  More characters to be revealed, most likely DLC characters. Anyway, the roster.

Capcom side:
Albert Wesker
Chris Redfield
Crimson Viper
Jill Valentine (DLC)
Mike Haggar
Morrigan Aensland
Nathan Spencer
Tron Bonne 
Viewtiful Joe


Marvel side:
Captain America
Doctor Doom
Iron Man
Shuma-Gorath  (DLC)
Super Skrull
So pick 3 characters that you're going to use mainly.",)
I'll start: 

Iron Man
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Deadpool and two other characters to cheer him on.
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It blows that there is no Strider.  Hopefully he comes in DLC.  I haven't played the game yet so this could change, but from what it looks like I'll probably roll with
  • Tron Bonne (one of my faves from MvC2)
  • Task Master because he's got some tricky moves and a nice variety of projectiles
  • Wesker because he can teleport like Strider and seems to have his speed as well
Just from looks, Wesker and Task Master seem to have some of the type of moves that made me love Strider but we'll see how they end up once I'm actually playing the game.  Tron Bonne will probably be in my team since I'm familiar with her, I like her moves and she's silly, which is always a plus.  I'll defnitely give the other goofy characters (Arthur, Mojo, Amaterasu, Viewtiful Joe) a shot as long as they aren't slow.  I usually build my teams around getting as much of these as possible: 

  • Someone I can seriously kick ass with (used to be Strider)
  • As many goofy characters as possible
  • Someone with time delayed moves like Strider's bombs
  • Someone with moves that can trap people (like T. Bonne's targeting thing)
  • Someone who can teleport
  • People who are fast
  • NOBODY that is really slow
  • Someone I can set to anti-air assist and not feel like I'm missing out on a much better one (Morrigan and Captain Commando filled that role in 2)
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I didin't see dormammu there. I'm replacing Amaterasu with him.
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I don't quite have my full team picked out yet but it'll definietly have Ammy and Dante, and the third is between Wesker, Phoenix and Captain America.

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Sentinel, Magneto, Doctor doom. 
If Rolento doesn't eventually become DLC I will be a sad panda.
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Can't wait ti'll I get this game....  
the tree characters I'll use is Wesker, Ryu, and Akuma....  
Capcom owns all the way...  
also they should had add "Leon Scott Kennedy" in this game.... then the game would be even more badass...
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I'm going to rock that mango Sentinel.
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Probably Dante, Deadpool and Amaterasu.  Still super bummed that Gene isn't in it.  I mean, you have Viewtiful Joe and Amaterasu, why not the main guy from Clover's only other game?
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 Personally, i've never played Godhand, though from what i have seen Gene does seem like he could fit in. People are hoping for Gene to be DLC but i don't think that's going to happen, there are other characters that'll get in as DLC before he has a chance. 

I agree that having Leon would be awesome, but he'd probably just be a more agile version of Chris, and from what i've heard it seems like Jill is going to be an agile gun-type user so she has that covered already.

Sorry but I don't think Rolento has any chance as DLC.

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i will use this :  
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 This is my main team
She Hulk.
 Mike Haggar. 
This is my second team.    
 Jill Valentine.
This is my third team.
 Morrigan Aensland .
 Deadpool .
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I would use AKUMA, Ryu, Albert Wesker, Magness, and Deadpool.....
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Nice, I pre-ordered the collector's edition my team will be 
3.Dante or Wesker
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Ryu, Deadpool, and since Venom is oddly absent guess I'll go with Wolverine, he usually kicks ass in fighting games
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my team  
chris, wesker and dante ,bad ass team
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Team of Faves

Tron Bonne

Capcom Team

Rad Spencer

Marvel Team

Laura Kinney (X-23) 
Super Skrull

Yipes Style Team

Mango Sentinel
Rainin' Storm
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I played this in the Coffee Bar at my campus & beat someone at it, even though I don't have it at home. :P
I would choose Trish, Wolverine and Zero as a main team along with Morrigan, Dante & Chun-Li as my alternate team.
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