The series that dissapointed you

Topic started by Levance on Oct. 7, 2011. Last post by EganTheVile1 3 years, 4 months ago.
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Omamori Himari - The manga was good, the anime wasn't what I expected...

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@Dahlia_Magenta said:


Lunar Legend Tsukihme

This one


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@Newdeath:God, that series was horrible, the original visual novel is really excelent, but the series really sucked

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@Levance: The series was really bad


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1. Now and Then, Here and There. There are some decent scenes here and there but I'd heard so much positive about this series and it ended up being extremely mediocre and often pushing into bad.

2. No. 6. This series started off pretty great but changed up it's tone after about 4 episodes... and then it ended with a character turning into a giant technicolor bee, which fits into a pet peeve I have about shows going off the deep end for no real reason other than someone thinking that making sense is a cardinal sin of storytelling.

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FLCL - I was listening to people saying that it is a great anime and very funny. I watched and it was underwhelming, not really funny at least IMO and the plot was just all over the place although some could argue that the show was supposed to be like this but anyway. But I have to say that the animation was good.

Vampire Knight - It wasn't really bad but it was quite boring. Plus I really didn't like Kaname. He had that "I am so much smarter and better than you" vibe and he was just annoying. Go Zero!!! lol

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Code Geass R2 - First season was great, second season was pretty much a train wreck.

Gundam 00 - I was really hoping for 00 to be good, sadly it just kinda sucked.

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Hack Roots: I liked Hack games, Hack sign, Hack G.U., but hack roots really sucks

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My biggest disappointment was easily Voltron The Third Dimension, Voltron Force has given the franchise some redemption though

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