The series that dissapointed you

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This is where anybody will put the series that dissapointed them, however, it must be a serie in the one someone put a high expectative, but in the end it betrayed you because of X reason (it wasn't to your like, not your style, it was dumb, etc.)

In my case

-Angel Beats. (completely dumb)

-Hellsing. (too much blood and a poor plot)

-Naruto. (need to explain?)

-One piece (funny, but too long, and repetitive)

-Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao. (WTF is this, just an excuse to fanservice)

-Yu gi oh! (An anime based on a card game? riiiiight.....)

-Inuyasha (The idea was good, the serie wasn't)

-Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas (It's not that I hate it, I liked it, but it dissapointed me, because I grow with the old saint seiya style, and well, I hoped this to be the same)

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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni- wasn't even scary or that gory

Digimon 02- Its villains and heroes are so disappointing

Negima! (first anime)- It didn't live up to the manga or didn't try anything new

Naruto- Good in the first half, but disappoint me in the second (Sasuke)


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Think the title is self-explanatory.......

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Negima! (Season One) - Terrible Storyline, Annoying side character

The Love Hina OVA and Specials - Terrible Storyline

Venus Versus Virus - Cliched Ending, Lack of Storyline

Shikabane Hime - Cliched Ending at the worst time

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death note

xenosaga the animation

ragnarok the animation ,

tengen toppa gurren laggan , the so overrated power of my friends to save the day .

pokemon the new series really suck

blood plus ,

trinity blood , magic powers with guns???

saikano, too emo.


gundam wing

digimon 2, 4 and data squad , they changed everything.

yugioh gx

duel masters


hunter x hunter , the characters were cool , but the fights looked like naruto fights in some way.

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Bleach- Got super boring since SS arc

Naruto- Self-explanatory

Digimon 04- Humans turning into digimon? Really now?

Trinity Blood- It was a train wreck

Black Cat- Suddenly, after episode 20, it takes a dive down hell

Sengoku Basara- It quickly devolved to flashy fighting and that too after killing what they called the most powerful character. RIP Hondam.

Shonen Omnyoji- I don't even see the point of this anime

Air Gear- I had to read the manga to get what they were eve trying to convey. Pathetic anime for a relatively nice manga.

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Gantz - Stopped watching at the second episode. Don't know if it gets any better later but it just way to gory for my taste.

Digimon - After the fourth season the show is getting worse with every season. But I must say that Digimon Savers looked somewhat better.

Pokemon - After a point it just got repetitive and boring since pretty much the same thing happens all the time.

More later.

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@SilverGalford said:

hunter x hunter , the characters were cool , but the fights looked like naruto fights in some way.

hunter x hunter is older than Naruto!

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really, so far, the only thing that's bitterly disappointed me is Kampfer. too much "fanservice" (to be more like a disservice), not enough story (and it could've been a good one, too!)

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Bleach - It just got stupid after Aizen was defeated

Air Gear - It was simply terrible


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Bleach - What ND said  
Pokemon - No blood, no plot, no drama, just repeated episodes with new characters 
Air Gear - I hate the anime but the manga is decent  
Angel Beats - Completely Retarded.... Why would god make an afterlife where arrogant kids can rebel and think they can do whatever they want? Seriously just throw their ass to hell already... 
Seikon no qwaser - How the hell does alchemy have to do with sucking breast milk? Seriously this anime is a joke compared to FMA 
FLCL - To confusing and mind fucking for me  
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twelve kingdoms: As the epsiodes went by i noted the anime was good and people kept  telling me that it gets better by the time, but as i finished the series i realized that the selling point of the anime is the beggining, if they got around to cut it at the end of the first arc this would be much better.
Howl's moving castle I think there's already a thread where i gave my opinion on this, to sum it up: It's just a poor amalgamation of a film, probably the worst myiazaki film (if such thing exists )
Theres one or other disappointing anime, but not as much as these, mostly  because at first glance i didn't expect so much from them as i expected from these  two...
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  • Hetalia
  • Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
  • Gurren Lagann
  • Kuroshitsuji II and the end of I
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The original Neon Genesis Evangelion, along with Death and Rebirth / End of Evangelion. I'd rather have every single movie made by Terry Gilliam playing at once on God-knows-how-many screens, volume cranked TO THE MAX, and high on something funky whilst forced to watch ALL OF THAT... than have to sit though a normal viewing of NGE again.

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Happy Lesson: The Final is the OVA series that closes this animated franchise, and it soured me with the turn of events in the story. The first two are an interesting take on the harem genre but instead of having love interests, the male protagonist is surrounded by 5 surrogate mothers.

In Happy Lesson: The Final, the boy rejects the similar age girl who loves him and chooses to take the 5 mother-figures as his brides.

Happy Lesson: The Final is the one series I wish I could go back and not watch because I liked it all up until then.

Chobits - It just left me depressed by the whole circumstance. I never got the impression that the main characters were truly in love. The show is supposed to be one of the better received romantic comedies and I didn't feel there was much romance in it.

Desert Punk, Tenjho Tenge, Pilot Candidate, and Rave Master all seem to end prematurely. Just when it's getting good the show is over leaving to wonder "what happened?"

Ikki Tousen - I admit I've only seen the first two of the four seasons out, but I can't tell what the hell is going on in any of it nor can I distinguish who is on which side. It's all too confusing for the amount of fan service provided.

Occult Academy - Good show with some great characters that turns into some completely other type of show in the last few episodes. It would have been better if it lasted twice as long instead of forcing an end like it did.

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Bleach - You already know.

Ikki Tousen - Ridiclous amount of fanservice

Shanman King - I just cant take it seriously with that dub. Maybe if it was redubbed I'll enjoy it.

Gantz- I hear so much about this anime, and I was excited to see it but the anime discussed me.

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He he, is curious, how peoples prefer one piece or naruto over Bleach, and how I an autodenominated shonen's semienemy, doesn't like the previous one, but doesn't have problem with Bleach (I don't watch it, but is not something that dissapointed me when I watched it). It's no complain, it's just because I found it curious

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Aria the Scarlet Ammo... JC Staff let me down on the animation quality. Being a tsundere-Kugimiya fan I figured I would like her performance. I didn't expect for that to be the only redeeming quality of the series though. Props to her though. She took it from 0/5 to 3/5.

Paranoia Agent... I loved it when it was this grounded detective mystery but then it got anime-loopy and jumped off the deep end.

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Lunar Legend Tsukihme

Air Gear though I like the Manga abit


Dance in the Vampire Bund

Lucky Star thought it would have more comedy. I still like Konata

Strait Jacket


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The later parts of 20th Century Boys. Starts off really well, stays pretty consistently good for over half. Then it goes into the Friend era and just gets even more convoluted and ridiculous. Really dissapointing as if it wasn't for that it'd probably be my favourite manga.
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