The Saiyan Fart?

Topic started by DBZ_universe on Aug. 10, 2010. Last post by rein 4 years, 6 months ago.
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We all know how powerful a Saiyan is and how they can destroy planets and all that stuff..... and they have the ability to eat so much... but do you ever wonder how powerful a Saiyan fart is? specially when they are powering up after a huge meal (EXAMPLE: Goku!!!) 
so how powerful are the Saiyan farts and stinky!!! 
I think if Goku would fart on my face... my face would melt or disinigrate...  and specially Broly's!!! i dont wanna think about that!!!  
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. . . . . . . . . . . . What?
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you would die:P
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I've thought about similar things but I'll try to keep it PG-13.  If a Saiyan is having sex and he goes SSJ at climax, what happens?  I think the release either causes the woman to explode, similar to having a firecrack explode while you're gripping it with your fist, or he creates a massive explosion on the woman that puts Peter North to shame. 
Anime powered hanky-panky is something that often enters my brain when I'm bored.  Epic 3-day Tsuyomi sharingan sex, knocking boots with a Hollow Mask on, SSJ climax, Eight Trigram 64-Strokes, Sexy Jutsu/Shadow Clone orgy, wild public debauchery using Aizen's shikai and Kyuubi doggy style that could probably disintegrate your girlfriend if you went up too many tails... the sex life of anime characters must be like the craziest most intense thing in the world. 
As for Saiyan farts, I think they're a normal if they do them while they're already powered up.  If anything, it's probably less smelly if they are SSJ since they are using up so much energy and I assume their metabolism is getting the most out of whatever is in their system.  However, if they powered up at the exact moment of a fart it could probably blow their pants off or knock a hole in the wall.
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Galaxies explode 
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Some people are just.... wow..
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It's not like with superman whose powers are biological, DBZ characters get their powers from ki. They can regulate how much power they put into something, so i doubt a saiyan's fart would be any more powerful then a normal humans.
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