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in the last seasion of the Maggnoriyion, Haseo and his crew come across a planet that had strange readings coming frome it! they desided to explore it and lonched landing parties all over one of the contanents and found a large hidden door leading underground!! its was big anoff to fit a ship throught so Haseo desided to check it out. when his ship hovered over the gate/door it started to open and with some unkown gravatasional pull, pulled them in and shut the door behind the leaving the landing parties stranded intill they came back 2 hours later(after going throught so meany coridores)  they came across an opening leading inside the planet and this is what they saw

 a world within a world, then it hit him, it was the holy land of the Valhallians, a all mity powerful race that lived thrillions of years ago, the were the first"humans" in existence!!!! and these were there worlds they live on!!!
Post by lordhaseo (2,509 posts) See mini bio Level 7
i had other idea's but i like this one best!
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