Ten Years of Dreamcast

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 I remember first hearing about the Dreamcast in an article from an old EGM issue. I saw the controller with the VMU inside and my reaction was a bit usual; it was difanetly a trip seeing  a little screen in the middle of the controller; it was so unique and it was unlike any other. Sadly, I didn't get the Dreamcast right at launch, it wasn't until summer of 2000 when my older brother first got the Dreamcast with two controllers and a couple of games. The games that he got were Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Blue Stinger Toy Commander, Speed Devils, and House of the Dead 2.

 You consumed so much of my time.
 You consumed so much of my time.
The first game I played was Sonic Adventure, my previous Sonic experiences was on the Genesis with Sonic the Hedgehog 2. When I first played Sonic Adventure, seeing all the high speed action that was shown in the 2D games in 3D, was a blast. I can never forget the time when I played the first level and running along a docks with a gigantic whale chasing Sonic from behind, or going into the casino level and playing the Nights pinball with that beautiful song playing in the background was good fun. After that, I jumped into Crazy Taxi, it was a game, like many other Dreamcast games, was something like no other. I would always pick my favorite character B.D Joe, and then jump into a session in the arcade mode. I must of spent about hours upon hours just playing the arcade mode trying to beat my previous record. I have heard that when other people play Crazy Taxi, they usually play the ten min mode because the arcade mode was too hard/short for them. But for me, it was the arcade mode that was most of my Crazy Taxi sessions have taken place. I've played it so many times that I can make a session in the arcade mode last about an hour.

 You and the Dreamcast brought so many good times.=)
 You and the Dreamcast brought so many good times.=)
After the summer ended, I would say it was a good time in my life as a person who plays a lot of games, and a person who likes anime. When the Dreamcast first came into my life, Cartoon Network's Toonami was at its prime - it was the era of Tom 2.0. I remember coming home from school and and turning on my T.V and watching a new episode of DragonBall Z that was in the Cell Saga which I consider to be the highlight of the DragonBall Z series. And after that, I would watch the many other anime series that was on Toonami like Outlaw Star, the three Tenchi Muyo series, Gundam Wing, and many others, I was officially interested in anime for the first time all thanks to Toonami. After going through the greatness that was Toonami, I would play the new titles that came to the Dreamcast. That time was just unforgettable to me, and the Dreamcast was defiantly the center piece of those good times.

My brother got new games that came out on the Dreamcast, games such as: Capcom Vs SNK, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Power Stone 1 & 2, Biltz 2000, San Fransisco Rush 2049, Hydro Thunder, Marvel Vs Capcom, and my favorite game of all time, Jet Grind Radio, and many others.

 "Shake well before serving."
 "Shake well before serving."
Capcom Vs SNk, a fighting game that was highly anticipated among a lot of fighting game fans. But it was a game they've found disappointing for a number of reason. First off, the game completely neglected SNK fans mainly because what Capcom ended up creating was a simplify version of some pretty technical SNK fighters - Capcom strip out some of the moves for some of the characters, which anger the SNK fans. I had some problems with it as well, such as the roster on the Capcom side; it was mostly just Street Fighter II characters. Where was the characters from Street Fighter III or characters from other Capcom fighting games? There was just two characters who weren't from Street Fighter II; might as well call the game Street Fighter II Vs SNK. But despite that, I still ended liking the game for its presentation. There was just an epic-ness to it, which was something that was lacking from the second game. I like all the references that it had with all the Capcom and SNk games - like the one part where you pick your groove and what you see is a bunch of TV screens in the background running footages of Capcom and SNK games (One of those games was the original Resident Evil). The backgrounds were so well drawn it look like a work of art, it use a little bit of 3D visuals with the projectiles as well. I really did like the music that was uses like the menu music or the win display music. It was the type of music that was you just didn't expect for Capcom to use but it was a nice touch. All in all, the game's presentation was very well constructed.

 "Welcome to the world of Street Fighter III."
 "Welcome to the world of Street Fighter III."
The first time when I played Street Fighter III, the thing that I notice was the game's soundtrack, it was known as "Acid Jazz." The soundtrack had a huge effect on me, when I heard songs like "Jazzy NYC '99," " Snowland", " Beats in my Head ," and " China Vox ," it immediately sucked me into the world of Street Fighter III; the soundtrack was just untouchable and no other soundtrack from other Street Fighter games could surpass it. What Street Fighter III prove to me was, that a soundtrack can make a cohesive experience to a fighting game. The game itself as a whole was just bursting with creatively, the parry was also the highlight of Street Fighter III's gameplay. With its precise timing , excellent roster, and well compose music, it made Street Fighter III the master piece that move the series forward unlike its successor. I'll tell you, watching videos of high level players playing Street Fighter III, is really a impressive thing to watch.

 Stopping really is a bad idea.
 Stopping really is a bad idea.
There was also another game that ended up being my favorite game of all time, Jet Grind Radio. I first saw a preview of the game in Tips & Tricks magazine years ago. I couldn't comprehend what kind of game it was at first, what I saw was this game that had graphics that I've never seen before; I called it "Some short of tagging game." Playing Jet Grind Radio was a very original and unique, it had so much personality, an atmosphere that that you just didn't want to leave, and a soundtrack that complemented the entire experience. To this day, I play the story mode over and over again and try to recreate that first time.

 Two words.
 Two words.
The Dreamcast is one of those console that is just desirable to me, it's the type of feeling that I don't get quite get with other consoles. But When I heard that Sega is discontinuing the system due to lack of sales, I thought that I was probably the only person who enjoy the Dreamcast for what it was - a console that was the home of some of the most memorable games ever made. But then again, the Dreamcast had a lot of not so good games, but they ended up being my guilty pleasure like this game. I look out into the gaming community and I was surprise to see that many others felt the same way I did about Dreamcast. The system truly was one of the greatest system out there despite its short life span. If the Dreamcast was able to bring out the type of caliber that it delivered in that short time, then imagine how it would be like if it lived on. 

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The Dreamcast was a great gaming console.
I misplaced mine -_-. My favorite game were, Power Stone, Jet Grind Radio, Crazy Taxi, and Sonic Adventure.
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mmm , i bought it only because of phantasy star after seeing the screenshot, i was like HOLY SHIT, 3D MMORPG  in CONSOLE, after finishing phantasy star and feeling bored, my dad came home bringing the blue and white box, that was the revival of my playstation history, PS2 FTW
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I cant believe its has been 10 years, I was only a freshman in high school when it came out. Street Fighter 3rd stirke and Soul calibur were my games!!XD
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My 15 list for my favorite games on the dreamcast. 
1. Soul Calibur.   
2. Sheume. 
3. Power Stone. 
4. Street Fighter III: thrid Strike. 
5. NFL 2K. 
6. NBA 2K. 
7. Skies Of Arcadia. 
8. Crazy Taxi. 
9. House of the Dead 2. 
10. Sheume 2 (The import England verison.) 
11. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. 
12. Sonic Adventure. 
13. Power Stone 2. 
14. Fantasy Star Online. 
15. Berserk.
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